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Fear of Fats?

We have been told forever now that we need to reduce our fat intake. You want to lose weight? Go on a low-fat diet. You want to prevent heart disease? 1,038 more words



Are you aware that my body isn’t like hers?

I’m way more jiggly, my gut is way more disgusting and marked and big, my boobs are smaller.   46 more words


Trust Me - I'm a Nutritionist!

What’s more, I am a nutritionist who specialises in fat loss and spends copious hours analysing the latest research studies that hit the press with ever bolder and more eye-catching headlines. 452 more words



When I first went to crazy town I could not see anything that I could learn from it.
I could not see how there could be anything positive I could take from it. 338 more words

Mental Illnesses

The Fat Girl & The Antidepressant

So the last few months have been really hard. I had the hardest time a few months ago and I thought it was getting better… But it’s not. 356 more words

Positive body image and equality: may cause side effects

I am not against positive body image campaigns. This statement is followed by a ‘but’, but please don’t stop reading. I am not against positive body image campaigns. 952 more words

Its been a battle, but back on track.

I been doing my best with all the stress thats been going on. I have to start all over re-losing the weight I had lose until I was laid off that time ago. 390 more words