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The story so far

So… A friend of mine recommend the insanity work out.  “It starts with a fitness test lasting 30 min then each work out is 30 min for the first month” sounds good – I thought.   591 more words


Super Shred Week 1Results

Good morning ya’ll,

Ok so….today makes one week since I started the super shred diet. I weighed in this morning…and the results are: I lost 9 pounds! 106 more words

Kinda impressed with myself right now

And not for the reason you may think…. I’m bloody impressed with how much fat and sugar I can consume in one bank holiday weekend!!! 74 more words

Boy Bye!: It's Time for Vine Star TerRio to Go Away

He’s only in the 1st grade but TerRio Harshaw is one of the biggest stars on the internet (figuratively and literally).  The six second videos of the chocolate little piglet doing his now famous dance – named the “TerRio,” natch – have gone super viral. 489 more words

Here we go!


My name is Emily and I think it’s fair to say I’m not a fitness fanatic! I consider myself fairly “normal” in that I have a desk job, hobbies that include sitting on my sofa and my waistline has bulged over the years!! 373 more words

Curvy Women

Socially Acceptable Bingeing

How did I not realize there are days that you can binge, in public, without anyone really realizing you are bingeing? And not only do they not realize but they are engaging in the exact same behaviour with you! 1,045 more words


How much meat do you eat on a paleo diet?

A few weeks ago, I read this article titled “Bad News For Paleos” and found myself feeling confused. The article states that a study found that eating too high of a percentage of your calories from protein can increase health risk, especially for those in middle age. 1,562 more words