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Afraid to turn
To face and see
What the mirror screams at me
Fat or thin
Bound of free

A bird encaged, cannot take flight… 65 more words

Body Image


Ideally, I don’t update this thing once every three months, but in 2014 that appears to be the norm. It’s okay, though, because I’ve had a really full, busy life that I’ve tried my best to make you all jealous of. 178 more words

Body Shaming at Barnard Health Services

“So it says on your record that you have a history with an eating disorder.”

“Yes,” I sputtered. I know it’s true, but no matter how many times the nurse practitioners read it to me at Barnard Student Health Services, it still feels uncomfortable. 976 more words

August 1, 2014

Less food in my bowl?!
Excuse me, but I’m not “fat”
That’s very thick fur

Bad Stuff

Day one!

I may live to regret saying this, but day one was pretty easy, although starting with the chocolate shake was a bad idea – they are not pleasant! 30 more words




So I am starting this blog because I HATE going to therapy. HATE it, hate it, hate it. Although I probably NEED it, also. Since 2010, I have been clinically diagnosed with depression. 852 more words


Day 213: Sinful Distractions

After living a life at the hospital for the past 10 days, today I had my distractions. My husband came yesterday and we tried to squeeze in between my ‘rooster’ at the hospital. 134 more words

New Day