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Sugar, the real killer

Outside of the fact that sugar triggers your liver to store fat on your organs, primes your body for diabetes, puts unnecessary stress on your heart, causes tense blood vessels from excess insulin in the bloodstream, increases bad cholesterol levels, leads to type 3 diabetes, decreases energy levels, makes you feel hungrier than you are, lowers dopamine released in the body causing you to be less happy and also decreases the components that keep your skin from getting thin and saggy it is also highly addictive, almost as bad as some street drugs and even works in the same way in that you need more and more to get your fix. 572 more words

It's all gravy!

With Thanksgiving approaching, I thought I’d touch on a food that usually goes under the radar: Gravy.

Most of us don’t think about what gravy is or how it is made. 251 more words


We met this past Sunday, in Lisbon, in a mall. We were supposed to go to the movies and watch Serena, but he asked me if we could not go because he wanted to be able to talk to me and feel like we were together instead of staying quiet staring at a screen. 616 more words

Day 8780. Handball is making me fat.

After a long hiatus, I’m back to blogging again. Hi guys!

I feel like I should be getting fitter with the amount of exercise I’ve been doing, but it seems like it’s just making meunhealthier. 63 more words


I'm a runner!

Not a very fast one, or able to run for very long, but I am officially a runner as of today! I started my walking/running sets today and I was pretty happy with how I did. 312 more words


The Dangers of Belly Fat For Anyone

It is now firmly established that not all body fat is created equal when it comes to making us sick.  Although we may not like the appearance of fat deposited on our arms, legs, hips and thighs — this fat is a rather benign metabolic slug that basically just its sits there.  300 more words

Health Talk

I should change my blog title.

I feel like I’m not entitled to use the word “recovery” any more. I’m obviously not trying. My ED has returned full-blown, and I don’t even have the energy to fight it anymore. 376 more words