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Fat Head

Recently there have been two women in my sphere who have been diagnosed with early onset dementia. They both are in their 60s. One is a runner and the other is very thin and constantly concerned about her weight. 837 more words

Coming to terms with your post baby body.

I’ve never really been happy with my body.
I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve ever really been fat but I’ve definitely got a ‘strong build’. You know the type, broad shoulders, huge ‘child bearing hips’, big bum and tiny waist. 1,594 more words

Just call me Shamoo

Let me tell you that this pregnancy I am NOT having a whale of a time!

Instead, I am feeling as though I am bigger than rhino these days. 671 more words

Day 44

Lately I’ve been doing so great at stopping when I feel any signs of fullness. Then tonight, boom, one beet slice too many and full city. 125 more words

Food Quality, Not Quantity

Several people have asked me lately about how many calories they should eat in a day. ¬†Another question I hear a lot is what percentage of someone’s diet should be protein, carbs and fat. ¬† 505 more words



Missed my morning jog, skipped my lunch time walk & the Erg sess wasn’t that hard. I should eat an apple for dinner…F no! Carb loading. 15 more words

Feeling like a vampire

So, I took a few days off from running.

But recently, We have changed something’s in our bedroom and ever since then, I have been sleeping amazing. 213 more words