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Keep your largest pair of "fat pants"

But only one. Give everything else away. I for one am never going back to these pants again. They are size 22! Horrifying. Loving my size 12’s…looking forward to 10’s.

Weight Loss

Conversation With My Jeans

I have had conversations with the scale, conversations with the treadmill. Yesterday, I had a conversation with my jeans.

Me, in the morning, getting dressed: Hi, Jeans!! 383 more words

Weight Loss

My Doctors Review

It’s that time again! Every 6-8 weeks I have my GP review regarding my diet.

I was really happy with how it went. I’m not having any problems with the diet and I am losing weight as predicted. 113 more words

Diary Of A Self-confessed Foodaholic

Weight Loss Update!

Yes, I’m still trying to lose weight lol. I am doing well, though! I thought that by now, all the weight I wanted to lose would be lost but it’s not. 370 more words


A Little Bit Lower Now

In first grade, two boys called me fat for the first time. In sixth grade I weighed about 220 pounds. That weight increased about thirty pounds in the next few years. 404 more words

My body is for me and not the in-crowd. Here's why.

Those of you who are my friend on Facebook might be a little bored of hearing about diet and weight drop, so I won’t be offended if you tune out. 1,478 more words


5 Myths About Fat People

As a person of size, whenever I hear false accusations about fat people I get a little weird. Maybe more than a little. It’s not only annoying that these myths are snowballed to the extent that some people become terrified of being near a fat person. 594 more words

Fat Fridays