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Blowing the Lid off the Friend Zone

Something that is discussed rather frequently among men is the concept of “getting friendzoned.” This lie that anyone tells themself is a bunch of misogynistic (and whatever the male equivalent is) bullshit. 528 more words


I Got Your Polar Vortex Right Here

It’s 6 pm. I am trying to make dinner, keep the cat out of my laundry (laundry is his enemy, and he must vanquish it), and head up the Toddler Peace Summit Summer 2014.  811 more words



Since there’s never enough blog awards to go around, one of our number has graciously created yet another one to be shared.  Cordelia’s Mom felt that there should be a badge to acknowledge visits and comments (to her site), so she produced the… 550 more words

That's Life

Accidentally saw Fatal Attraction when I was flipping channels just now. I remember seeing that movie when I was just a kid, freaking out when the part where a rabbit was boiled to dead came on TV (and of course feeling a bit aroused upon the steamy under-the-fan sex scene). 512 more words


Borderline and Narcicists: Fatal Attraction

I have been reading a lot into the attraction between borderlines and narcissists as I have noticed that I attract people with this type of disorder, it wasn’t until I looked it up that I realised how common this is and I am intrigued to find out more. 468 more words

Mental Health/ BPD

The Bad Boy Obsession

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of spending time with one of my ‘little’ friends, I call her ‘little’ because she’s only 21 and ..well you know how old I am. 672 more words

For Gist Sake

Holy Screamin' Cats! I'm Trending!!!

I dedicate this blog entry to Natasha and Richard Dunn, for their tolerance of my silliness. Thank you.

The other day I wrote this blog entry called… 746 more words