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I got a journal that I actually managed to keep up with for once. I first got it in a happyish time, and it ran it’s course throughout mostly bad or interesting times through to a sort of conclusion. 81 more words

Boyd on the Consequences of Determinism

From Confronting Divine Determinism:

This belief in fate or divine determinism is as tragic as it is unbiblical. Among other things, fatalism inevitably leads people to blame God for evil.

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Leviathan Review: Excesses of the Russian Soul

When I finished watching Leviathan I closed my eyes. I wanted to look at the closing credits or talk to my husband about the film, but I didn’t do either. 1,524 more words

Cannes 2014

Existential Heroes

Fire bellowed from the pit. Torrential winds spiraled upward as the torch seared the night sky. A circle of devastation spread, disintegrating oak and elm as waves of heat embraced their ashes. 883 more words

Freedom from Causality

The law of causality basically says that shit can’t happen without some other shit happening first. Everyone knows what cause and effect are, but I just really enjoy saying “shit” to describe things. 590 more words


Take a Good Hard Look

I was all set to write a post about why as a military kid, a semi-pacifist, and a generally contrary person about all military related subjects I hate Veteran’s Day. 181 more words


Powerless to do anything other than grin, bear it ... and shovel

A week ago I was sitting by the pool, eating Chex Mix and soaking in the afternoon rays. I was in Florida, it was November, and I wasn’t drinking cocoa. 182 more words