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Existential Heroes

Fire bellowed from the pit. Torrential winds spiraled upward as the torch seared the night sky. A circle of devastation spread, disintegrating oak and elm as waves of heat embraced their ashes. 883 more words

Freedom from Causality

The law of causality basically says that shit can’t happen without some other shit happening first. Everyone knows what cause and effect are, but I just really enjoy saying “shit” to describe things. 590 more words


Take a Good Hard Look

I was all set to write a post about why as a military kid, a semi-pacifist, and a generally contrary person about all military related subjects I hate Veteran’s Day. 181 more words


Powerless to do anything other than grin, bear it ... and shovel

A week ago I was sitting by the pool, eating Chex Mix and soaking in the afternoon rays. I was in Florida, it was November, and I wasn’t drinking cocoa. 182 more words

It Is What It Is… or Is It?

No doubt you’ve heard the expression. It pops up everywhere. “It is what it is.” It sounds profound as if the person uttering the phrase is wise and thoughtful, speaking, as it were, of an ultimate reality. 431 more words


A pragmatic approach to free will

Earlier this year I engaged in a discussion on doxastic voluntarism where a commenter stated that

“I use freewill to mean we can choose to change the physical sequence of events in our brains.

1,851 more words

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

The book is about deep-sea fishing. Ernest liked to fish and document his experiences while out at sea. There was a story about a man and his difficulties with catching a marlin out at sea. 2,440 more words

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