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Fate/Stay Night UBW Episode 7 - 9



Archer protects Shirou from Caster while Assassin guards the temple entrance from Saber. The next day, Shinji makes his move at school, only for Rider to be mysteriously defeated by Caster. 476 more words


Anime With Ace: Episode 15: Fate/Zero

Welcome back, fellow Swords! I definitely didn’t forget to post one of these last week. Definitely not. Today, we venture into a world of magic, of legendary heroes and villains, of… Alexander the Great going shopping!? 421 more words


Anime marathon?: Fate/zero

Not exactly on a marathon, but slowly watching fate/zero.
So far so good. Pretty interesting and all. The characters are awesome too xD

Any good recommendations? 14 more words


Union Jack by Firestone Walker

Rating: 5/5

Union Jack by Firestone Walker is a 7.5% ABV World Class India Pale Ale.

Box Description:
An aggressively hopped West Coast-style IPA. Union Jack showcases exceptional dry hop character with stunning pineapple, citrus, and pine aromas on the nose accompanies by honey-like malt aromatics.
445 more words

Anime Beers :P

Fate/Futures – I Dream of Anime

I recently had a dream in which I envisioned the entire setting and plot of the sixth Holy Grail War (the Holy Grail War in Fate/Zero was the fourth and the one in Fate/Stay Night was the fifth). 759 more words


Fate/Zero #1: Let the Games Begin

No Fate/Stay Night post this week, unfortunately, but I can offer you a dip into Daddy Issues: Origins… er, the prequel, Fate/Zero, instead.

The proverbial curtain rises on a man in black, smoking indoors (so we already know he’s the preoccupied, broody and irresponsible type), who gets up from his scruffy repose when he’s informed that his daughter has just been born. 1,606 more words

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