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Fate Servants Artbook Preview

And the second submission for the artbook thingie. Now I can finally rest easy ( ͡⊙ _ʖ ͡◔)

Caster Artbook Preview

My turn to post artbook preview. I ain’t drawing tentacles again they’re not fun.

Dark Night of the Soul by Monkish brewing

Rating: 5.75/5

Dark Night of the Soul by Monkish brewing is an 11.1% ABV Belgian Imperial Stout.

So far few in between and yet another favorite style of beer comes forth and takes me back to why I really love these types of beers. 366 more words

Anime Beers :P

Fate zero, ep 9

Master and servant
Aruji to Jūsha

*spoilers ahead*

Aah… Nice trick with the bullet Emiya! Because this show has no limits to what power ups and Mage props these people can have. 117 more words


Best Girl #2 Rin Tohsaka

After re-watching Fate Zero with the perspective of knowing more of the Anime tropes, culture and otaku jargon. I had found myself paying much more attention to the cast of characters in Fate Zero rather than just enjoying the tons of amazing fights and art the show offers. 360 more words