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Heavenly Halloween

My friends,

Never underestimate the  energetic power of Love. When I silence my inner critic, love manifests in my life .Magic happens when I release my sometimes unrelenting need to make sense of things. 234 more words


Timelines from A to Z

A918. Dream forth, Mr. Sponge, your life awaits you. Do not ever wonder for a second that you are not the sponge that will rise from the bottom to get to the top and down to the bottom all the meanwhile doing nothing of importance. 1,359 more words

Short Story

Happy Halloween !!!

Funny thing… I took Sam to the dentist today. I took Sam to the dentist on Halloween. Instead of thinking about candy that sweet pop had to think about flossing, fluoride, and two minute teeth brushings at least twice a day. 128 more words



Hephaestus lifts his gavel high,
Pronouncing verdict with iron’s cry,
Forging fates in steel and stone,
Probing deeper than mortal bone.
Heft and heart in sync shape, 93 more words


Psalm 3 – The Sacred

Lord, how in thinking of only
Myself, am I lost in a world
Of cruelty without redemption?
There is no God for the selfish. Selah. … 122 more words


You Rescued Me

After recovering from a disasterous year in 2013 , I had very little expectations for 2014. While people joyously rang in the new year and anxiously waiting for the ball to drop , I was probably in bed at 10PM or doing something equally exciting. 507 more words


A Prayer to God: The Reason Why God Never Talks to Us

There is a boy who prayed to God. This is his story.

Boy: Good evening, God.

God: Good evening, my son.

Boy: I have a question. 1,005 more words

Random Rants