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Pure Love

I’ve been watching Pure love, a Filipino show based on the Korean drama 49 days. I just love the storyline and the chemistry between the characters. 219 more words

My love for you.

A rare, curious girl looks out the window
unbeknownst where he is, what he does, what his name is.
She awaits the man who will make her laugh, 251 more words

Random Thoughts...

an imperfect god

just as I seek to better myself, so
god also strives for improvement
he must seek ways to make himself known
to the questioning young minds, and… 86 more words


What is fate?

What is fate?

He told me that if we were meant to be, then fate would bring us together.  What does that mean? Is there an actual such thing as fate? 175 more words


Through The Dust Of Destiny (Part IV)

Once you straddle my world
so sweet, the boundaries fall in
while each limit expands
with sighs of mused pleasure.

I am lost in our incense… 69 more words


Never say never

By Lisa Sugarman

Today’s an exciting day for me (last Sunday, actually…the paper’s always a week behind.). Well, hardly just for me, but since I’m the one typing we’ll focus on me for now. 832 more words

Lisa Sugarman

The Qalandar's Song (A Poem)

“In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful”

“Laudation is due the most High, the most Glorious, Whose worship bridges the Gap and Whose recognition breeds beneficence. 534 more words