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FATE Of The Galaxy Character Sheets

Did these up for Craig Hatler and his FATE Of The Galaxy game; I’ve attached the .PSD so you can modify it for your own game. 87 more words

Character Sheets


On the Egyptian papyrus
I read the star-chart of the future
There are no credits in fate

No discretion in life-experience
As if life were a mere accident… 86 more words


Life is a cycle. Love is life.

We are a world shaped as a sphere,
Almost a circle.
Life is a cycle, they also say.
They said it right.
A guy likes her… 146 more words

Free Style Poetry

What If..

What if we had met at another time? A time when I still thought about love with that wide eyed innocence, unaware of all it’s complications? 162 more words


Double Down

step right up my good friends
I’m the dealer of days
take a chance on tomorrow
bet your dreams buy your plays

if you win I’ll assure… 77 more words



Religious holidays – Christian religious holidays since that is my background – often make me think. Easter, with it’s message of resurrection and birth is no different. 687 more words


Was it Fate? Or was it Luck?  Or why do I never get the breaks? 

When I think of fate, I think of India and Hindus.  I think of the book “The Prince and the Pauper”.  I think of Rudyard Kipling’s comment “There but for the grace of God go I.”  Fate to me denotes an unalterable destiny.  1,966 more words