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I hope that there is nothing (original poem of mine)

I hope that there is nothing
Not the blankness
Of a blank page
Nor whiteness
Or peace
Or any earthly feeling.
This Earth
Bestowed on me… 146 more words

Upward Spiral

Spiralling down, not hitting the ground, going past the point of never thinking I would return. The Lord took my hand and saved me causing me to stand on solid ground. 102 more words


Boy You Guys Sure Are Lucky!

We get that a lot. When friends visit the farm for the first time we get “Boy you guys sure are lucky!” Seems weird that at age 56 luck should figure so prominently. 375 more words


Safe Havened

Stood afar scenic rage,

Red headed maiden,

Voyage fate laden,

Past memory dwindles,

Watched stood ashore,

Near time stormed,

Safe havened.


Past dramas, Today's blessing

(Talking about lovelife)

Looking back at what I once was (devastated, masochist, hopeless), makes me realize two things. One, I was very dramatic. Two, I am very blessed. 230 more words

Thought Cloud

Paranoia Agent

From the infamous mind of Satoshi Kon comes, what many would believe to be, his magnum opus: Paranoia Agent.

Year: 2004
Director: Satoshi Kon… 847 more words