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Reviews of yesteryear: Fate/Zero

Most of us are at least passingly familiar with Type-Moon’s Fate series. For those of you who aren’t the basic premise is that there’s a holy grail war periodically and a group of people are chosen as masters and have to summon legendary/ historical figures to fight for them in order to obtain their wish from the grail. 971 more words



Sometime, somewhere

“Kerry, you do know where the name of this island comes from, right?”

Shirley asked while leisurely handling the creaking car’s wheel.

The boy called Kerry, sitting in the passenger’s seat, shook his head and 8,119 more words


Fate/Zero:Heart Of Freaks

Heart of Freaks

Even monsters which possess the heart of a man-

There was no need for a man to possess the heart of a monster. 8,795 more words


Fate/Zero:Volume 4 Commentary

Nasu Kinoko

This is how his journey ends.

At long last, the journey of an individual who cannot be considered truly vile or evil, only a man with a mundane and ordinary wish as his goal, finally returns to its starting point, and the curtains 1,318 more words


Fate/Zero:Volume 4 Postface

Urobuchi Gen

The re-creation of a so-called established work—is it a good or a bad thing?

To be made into an animation, or a game, or a novel; a sequel, a spinoff… I had once jumped for joy when I heard these news about my beloved work. 1,298 more words


Fate/Zero:Epilogue: Five Years Later

Five Years Later

It was a night with a beautiful moon. Emiya Kiritsugu gazed out at the moon as he silently stood by the window. 1,994 more words


Fate/Zero:Epilogue: Half A Year Later

Half a Year Later

“– I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand up on the earth.”

A funeral procession progressed alone in the icy-cold rain. 2,166 more words