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How not to kill a show: Methods of exposition

Listening to: The Beginning of the End – Yuki Kaijura (Fate/Zero OST)

Minor spoilers follow for: Urinetown, Fate/Zero, Mass Effect, and The Lord of the Rings. 679 more words


Fate Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works (A brief history and viewers guide)

 Fate, The Grail Wars, and Teenage Sex Magicians.

It seems these days that Anime has grown in popularity among western audiences a lot. I remember the days when the original seasons of Pokemon and Dragonball Z aired for the first time for western audiences to critical success, and all that we’d talk about during recess and lunch was how much we enjoyed whatever episode had aired that morning, while fawning over the shows related merchandise. 1,934 more words


What Makes Characters Likeable? (Part I)

So recently, as most of y’all know, the Fate/stay night anime has been airing as a remake by Ufotable, using the Unlimited Blade Works story route. 759 more words


Mistress of the House, Rin Tohsaka

The Fate franchise has previously both bored and terrified me. What little I experienced of it – Fate/Zero and varying descriptions from close friends who happened to be fans – felt too heavy both in subject matter and consumption with little emotional substance to make me care about its major players. 585 more words


Special Event: Fate/stay night Unlimited Bladeworks Review Streak and Future Plans

Ladies and gentlemen, fall is upon us and with it comes a new anime season.  In celebration of this seasonal milestone I have decided to introduce a new feature to this blog known as Review Streaks. 143 more words


Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 00

I remember when I watched the first episode of Fate/Zero and thought that the shift from high school students to adult characters was what the… 516 more words

Episodic Review

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 0: Inheriting the war

So hey guys! A friend of mine is now kindly gathering images for me. That certainly makes my life a bit easier, so thanks! Maybe these posts will start to look a bit better now. 1,168 more words

Individual Episodes