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"I Almost Forgot." No, You Didn't

Today, my daughter asked me if I had ever written a blog post about “I almost forgot.” I hadn’t, so I asked her if she heard it recently. 168 more words

You Gotta Be in It

Dad: “What time is it?”

Daughter: “Father-daughter time.”

From the roof, the young one looks over her father’s shoulder to the target. Dad has mixed fun and serious, play and mission, into a perfect blend that gives his daughter a sense of purpose and a feeling of excitement. 350 more words

'Girls Can Play Football Too, Silly!'

This is my youngest child- a girl called Nancy Mary Barker Rutherford. Nancy’s father Dominic supports Arsenal football team like his Dad. When Dominic’s little girl was born his ideas of setting her allegiances straight with a newborn Arsenal kit dissipated. 236 more words


Dad, Thanks For Not Wishing I Was a Boy

“Too bad you didn’t have any sons.”

News flash: this is never a good thing to say to a man who only has daughters. Sure, the image of a father and son playing catch together certainly warms the heart.  392 more words


If I could summarize my love for you, this is it

Your dad would never ran out of loving words for you my dear child. Its like a river where water flows through it endlessly. However, if I were to summarize my endless stream of loving words for you, the lyrics of this song would best describe it. 264 more words


Bad Habits Can Be Great.....

A beautiful  conversation between a Father and his 12-year-old daughter , whom he visits occasionally as his work demands him to be constantly travelling. The girl lives in boarding as her mother died due to cancer when she was just 2 . 606 more words
Bad Habits Into Good Habits