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Joshua 15: Caleb's daughter

So this chapter confused me a lot – more specifically verses 16 to 19. Why did Othniel have to conquer Debir again? Hadn’t they done this already? 403 more words


April 13th - Nancy and Frank Sinatra record - "Somethin' Stupid"

In 1967, the #Sinatra s got to no.1.  The only father and daughter combo ever to do this  #Singing #Feelgood

Somethin’ Stupid

I know I stand in line until you think you have the time… 267 more words

Feel Good


Right now I’m sitting on my bed in my old bedroom in my father’s house. Everything looks the same—books and journals and old papers scattered on the table, shoes I don’t even wear lined up on the floor, clothes from years ago sitting idly in the closet. 267 more words

Life And All That

Genitori e figli al Castello di Rivoli

Il Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Rivoli, nelle vicinanze di Torino, è noto nel panorama artistico contemporaneo per l’inestimabile valore della collezione ospitata al suo interno e per l’eccezionale opera di restauro del Castello del XVIII secolo eseguita dall’architetto Andrea Bruno. 545 more words

I AM Inspirational

Where I am and How you can help? (Contest)

We all need direction and guidance at times. We have to stop and take a look at where we are and where we want to be going. 552 more words

Being Creative

Lo-li-ta, the Book of Fire

Lolita is a father’s sin. ­­­­Vladmir Nobakov’s undisputedly spectacular novel has been on every reader’s treasure trove. What is it about? Mostly, human nature. Human nature that can erode and corrode lives, destinies and hearts. 169 more words

Vacations: Short, but forever kept in our hearts

We all love vacations and most of us love feeling the warm sun on our skin, the soft ocean breeze through our hair, and kicking those shoes off to feel the sand between our toes. 372 more words