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Money Lessons Learned Late

“Be responsible with this,” Daddy said to me as he handed me three brand-new one dollar bills.  I clutched my sweet-smelling cash in my hands and thought I was the luckiest kid on Lasuen Drive.  464 more words


Father Knows Best (?)

And now it is time for me to get on the crazy moms out there.

That didn’t sound right.  But you know what else doesn’t sound right? 502 more words


"Father Knows Best" OTR Double Feature

Most are familiar with “Father Knows Best” as it appeared on television starting in 1962, but a relative few know that the program originated as a radio series in 1949 on NBC Radio.

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Does Father Know Best ?

Father Knows Best was an idyllic weekly show that aired on television from 1954 to 1960. It starred Robert Young and Jane Wyatt, along with their three fictional children. 797 more words

[REWIND] The Audacity of Obama's Sneering Tribute to Ronald Reagan

For Breitbart.comCharles Hurt writes:

In his memoir called “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama wrote sneeringly…

“As disturbed as I might have been by Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980, as unconvinced as I might have been of his John Wayne, Father Knows Best pose, his policy by anecdote, and his gratuitous assaults on the poor, I understood his appeal.” 127 more words

Home More Stressful Than Work?

The days when a man came home from work like the old classic television show Father Knows Best and his stay-at-home wife greeted him at the door with his slippers and a newspaper are over! 211 more words