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Hump Day Unusual Moment: Angel & the Reruns "Buffy Come Back to Me"

Is nothing sacred? Family Affair was not only a hit sitcom for most of its five years; it was also, in a word, adorbs. Brian Keith took care of his brother’s kids. 247 more words



The words Freedom of Information Act strike me as a misnomer, almost farcical – as the norm is anything obtained is seldom the result of what could be described as freely, usually requires a battle or two along the way with the “information” so redacted as to provide little useful information short of employing code breakers. 411 more words

Monuments Men

I seem to reference funny men in my blog, but one in particular holds a rather special place in my heart.  Who would’ve thought I would be saying this about the man who was Dr.  206 more words

In My Life

What we Really Miss About the 50's

Father Knows Best showed somewhat predictable or expected emotional characters of American families in the 50’s. There was a caring, wise, amiable and decent housewife. She was not like Alicia of The Good Wife (2009), who worked so hard that she could rarely take a good care of her children, or Gloria of Modern Family (2010), who is sexually appealing. 716 more words

People: Making Differences

Dim Sum - My Jesus - yours too?

It was my and many other’s  privilege to have  met and been ministered to in songs by  Lenny Leblanc on a Cruise to Alaska with Max Lucado and Don Moen in July 2011. 245 more words


When A Deer Isn't A Dear

John and I were sitting on our back porch last evening, appreciating the quiet. Enjoying the whispers of dusk.

And cracking up over the antics of the deer. 557 more words