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The Seven Best Halloweeny Episodes of British Sitcoms

You know, watching horror movies is a fine Halloween tradition, especially if they’re bad ones. Halloween is meant to unify amusement and abominations into a unified whole, and what better way to do that then to laugh at something meant to horrify you? 1,538 more words


Going to America

A week on Sunday I’m going to America – I’ll be spending a month at the Yale Center for British Art to consult their impressive Blake (and related) collections, then a week and a half zipping around the East Coast to clock a few more Blake pictures and to visit some friends and family. 224 more words


Father Ted and Plato's Republic, Book X, 602e

I had never before last night linked one of my favourite Father Ted quotes with Socrates attack on imitative poets.

“A body which is seen near appears small when seen far away.” – Socrates, Plato’s Republic, Book X, 602 e.

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My Netflix this week: Lovely horses, gingerism & more

I love me some Netflix, and always have several movies or shows on the go that I watch in short snatches throughout the week. Some would say this is a lunatic way to use Netflix, and in many ways I’d agree. 376 more words


The Difficult Art of Dressing Down

Had an unusual experience recently. I had an engagement in a context with which I was unfamiliar. However, I was pretty clear that it was a context in which my normal suited and booted professional dress would come across as OTT. 444 more words

A quick laugh before bed.

Father Ted makes me laugh over and over again. I cried my heart out when Dermot Morgan died so young. What a sad loss. It’s lovely that we can still see all of these brilliant actors in this hilarious programme. 36 more words


When depression hits, the films get turned off

Depression is a surprising thing, even for those of us who have been dealing with it for years. It often sneaks up on you, and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a dark grey pit, wondering how you got there, but unable to see any edges to cling on to to hoist yourself out. 409 more words