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rod and sceptre

the King is a God
is a Father — all of these
metaphors for the
phallus, releasing us from
looking at it directly

I dreamed that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was my father.



 Before I begin to link my father to my insanity I want to make something clear. Any time I comment on or complain about some aspect of my life please do not take it as me saying my life is the worst and that you should feel sorry for me and that poor me I have it so rough. 814 more words


Jesus' Authority over the Church (3)

We have examined the questions “Whose church is it?” and “What role does Jesus fulfill in the church?” One final crucial question we must ask is “To what extent does Jesus have authority over His church?” 297 more words


The Bunny

A while back Penelope had a day where she did not feel very well. She had a fever and was very lethargic. We enjoyed a snuggly day on the couch together. 268 more words


The Tinkerer

So the little badge above is a marker of my second Flash Master win at The Angry Hourglass. Some incredible work was submitted from some very talented flash writers, so to get the nod was both a surprise and a boost to the old confidence. 548 more words

Flash Fiction

Family Members, Emotional Fallout's & Positive Strategies For The Future

“I live with the fallout of people’s actions and cruel words towards Paul, and I suffer as much as Paul because of their insensitivity. All Paul wants to do is help others, but I find when he needs help professionals don’t want to know. 169 more words


The blacktop

Every night my dad would get out of the car that carried him and three other men to and from the railroad depot. He’d see me running his way and wave and then put up his hand to tell me not to cross the blacktop road. 110 more words