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So this miracle here is my soon to be son. Although he is not here yet, i still act like I am already a father. I can’t wait for my little bundle of joy to be here in my arms. 88 more words

Missing an Anchor

I just had a moment of complete despair. A sinking feeling settled over my stomach as my mind continued, or should I say continues to float somewhere I don’t even recognise. 351 more words


5 Reasons Why Fathers are an Endangered Species

There you are…quitely lurking away from view. Your prey doesn’t see you and you are getting ready to pounce. One wrong move and you will scare them away. 885 more words

Ministry Sauce

Have you ever been close to death? TRIGGERS WARNING!

Have you ever been close to death? Yes. When I was a toddler my father stuffed my head in the toilet after he took a shit, then he raped me, and smothered me with a pillow because I fought him. 177 more words



I have only experienced the contours of happiness, and I am talking about real happiness, one that makes you forget everything in the face of a thin nascent beauty before an infant mortality.It is rare, and essential for it brings a hint of vigour needed for preservation of life and such. 128 more words



A few weeks ago, work took me to the Windy City for a conference. The opening keynote speaker was a young woman whom I had heard speak a few years back and while amazing, the part of me drawn to novel experiences, admittedly was somewhat less than enthusiastic about a repeat performance. 808 more words