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Father (A song about my dad) The end

My father was in that nursing home for a few months. After some time and some begging and pleading, we were able to get him into a nursing home in our town. 786 more words

Roman Catholic

Dumped by my Mother?

Before my mother got sick, she and Dad didn’t do much together.  Dad watched sports downstairs on the TV & Mom and I watched iTunes and youtube videos upstairs on the computer.   879 more words

Kent Gardens

The collective chirp of a multitude of birds. The distant sound of a motorboat punting through the oyster leases. A far-away roar of jets cruising from the air-force base. 611 more words

Run to Finish!

“Finish, Finish!!”
The trainer instructs the runner,
“The goal is to Finish!”
“Prepare, Prepare!”
The trainer tells the runner,
“Prepare to Finish!”

“Run, Run!”
The trainer teaches the runner. 246 more words



As I sit here and realize tomorrow is October 1st which means it’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow I reflect back on our relationship. My father and I don’t have a relationship at this point and I don’t see us ever having one. 304 more words

Forever claimed, forever loved.

You know when you find a song that seems to express every little bit of emotion you’re feeling, and you just can’t stop listening to it?   891 more words


One day.

One day,

you will get everything you want.

One day,

you will conquer the world, he said.

One day,

you will fall in love.

One day, he said, 40 more words