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#137. Don't...

…audition for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with a terrible head cold. Your “millionaire” will consistently sound like “billionaire” and they’ll totally think you’re either 1) greedy or 2) mocking them. 

"I'm sorry some how our communication broke down"

I am always fascinated by the image people hold in their heads of how they view you; like at what age do my parents really see me as? 649 more words

My Father's Arm

Parenthood will air its final episode tomorrow night and I’m terribly sad by this thought. It’s just a show…I know. But it somehow manages to feel so real. 194 more words

The Copycat Kids

I took my 3 year-old daughter on a date last week. While we were eating ice cream I told her after 3 more bites we were going to save the rest. 514 more words


Only He...

How could I know how a Sun shines when I’ve been left in the dark all my life? Left… That question was rhetorical, because nobody could possibly answer that question besides him. 628 more words



“My Beloved, My beautiful treasure, how are you today?”

“My fingers tingle.”

“Well Beloved.” The Father chuckled. “There is two reasons why your fingers tingle. 1) I’m forming your fingerprints or 2) you keep picking your nose.” 476 more words


Gone, But Not Forgotten

Inspired by the this text at the “photo challenge” I immediately thought about by parents who died some years ago. The first picture symbolise my father’s creative skills. 80 more words