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The cool uncle

For all the joys of being a father, it’s a shame I’m unlikely to experience what it’s like to be an uncle. It looks kinda fun. 452 more words

A Dad's Life


Two thousand miles of heartland are between us. I’ve always been bad at staying in touch, the same isn’t true of my brother. Eleven weeks ago, the playing field was leveled when I became an uncle.  130 more words



Yesterday I finished putting together a boxed perimeter around my daughter’s little playground area in our yard. It consisted of a couple of 6x6x12, and other similar sized beams and some metal stakes to connect them. 309 more words


The Proposal (part 2)

“But you promised,” Ayn said, casting her most pathetic look.

“I know, and I will,” he said, “after I find out what Father Gheraeld needs.” 111 more words

Short Story

Dad Fashion! Pottstown PA

Each week we’re going to talk with a different Dad about Dad fashion trends. Our Bad Playdate correspondents will keep you up to date on what’s happening on the streets. 343 more words


The 2 Month Mark

¡Hola Amigos!

Yes I know it has been way too long since my last post on being wife and mom. As you probably can imagine, I have been… 981 more words

The Holy Gift of Killing Time

“And tell me, do you play with your children? Do you waste time with your children? The free gift of a parent’s time is so important.”
~ Pope Francis

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