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Slightly Sprightly

It was fun, having a spring in my step this morning; it was less fun, crashing afterwards, but it’s nice to be ending the day with an echo of that spring returned. 301 more words

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And the thing she's most grateful for is (drumroll please) ...

Here are the top five things I feel grateful for, in this moment:

  • a good night’s sleep, without extra chemical sedation
  • food in the pantry…
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I've been robbed!!!!

Don’t worry, the burglary was metaphorical; but since discovering my loss just minutes ago, I feel bereft.

The delightful Ellen commented “You get a lot done” on my post outlining… 329 more words


Today, word by word

6:30am: Assertive Wake up to say “goodbye” to the dearly beloved as he goes to work. Get up and write out the sign to put above our bins, politely requesting our neighbours don’t put trash in them without discussing with us first. 449 more words

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The Thing Is, What Is The Thing?

Ok. So, wait.  What was I going to blog about today?

Oh yea, BRAIN FOG.

According to WikipediaClouding of consciousness, also known as brain… 1,107 more words


Dysthymia and chronic fatigue syndrome linked

Aha! A link between chronic fatigue syndrome and dysthymia (one of the depression family of mental illnesses; I have been diagnosed with it, along with major depression with melancholia and generalized anxiety disorder). 56 more words

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