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There is no Compromise

Compromise.  It’s a strange word, is it not?  It requires a certain level of give and take on each side of the coin.  What about those times though that only have one side?   374 more words


A Paradox

I don’t quite know what to think.

This past week has been quite an adventure. Yesterday, I woke up unable to move my legs. When I was finally able to get out of bed, I immediately fell back down. 817 more words

Personal Writings

fatigue hits - November 22


fatigue hits suddenly.

crash out of time

built up

till the penny


and then you

do too.



The last few days have been wonderful!

I finally went back to work yesterday, and as tired as I am, it was the best thing I could’ve done.  I love my job so much it’s going to be extremely difficult to leave when I get my degree and go on to teaching.  279 more words


Today is my birthday. I’m 46. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and Premature Ovarian Failure 19 years ago. WOW. The purpose of this blog it to chronicle my journey with diet and lifestyle changes to see if they really can make a difference with this autoimmune disease that still has no clear cause or cure. 544 more words

Autoimmune Disease

The art of not waiting

Last Tuesday, as you might recall, my doctor decided it was time to take a little look at my bone marrow. One needle and one Ativan later, I was told to return the following week for the results. 513 more words


The Fog

I’m not sure how it’s possible to show strength in my writings while still painting an honest picture about what I am going through so others with MS or similar illnesses know they are not alone.   251 more words