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I needed a plan.. Where to start??

When I got diagnosed with CFS/ME I was overjoyed at first to have a diagnosis. Finally a name to explain all of these strange symptoms. I was sure I could have treatment, start taking medication & soon go back to working full time, studying for a masters & going to the gym 5 x a week! 325 more words


Sad, sluggish and gaining weight?

Feeling sad, tired and mentally sluggish?  Gaining weight or difficult to lose weight? Dry skin, puffy eyes?

You might have one of the most common chronic disorders in Australia – hypothyroidism.  280 more words



Earlier today, I ran into a friend in the study lounge just as I was about to get ready to go to class. He asked me if I would wake him up after 15 minutes, but I told him I had to be in class. 132 more words

Asleep with waves

Recently, the time of the day that my head seems to function best is when I should really be sleeping. I can be a zombie all day and as soon as my head hits the pillow, an endless chain of thoughts seem to be triggered. 496 more words

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I'm Eating Healthy. But, Why Do I Feel So Weak?

Are you trying to eat cleaner but find that your body is almost feeling worse than when you didn’t eat as healthy?  Does it make you question why you started eating healthy in the first place?   2,055 more words

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