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I need sleeeeep!!

Oh my, I am struggling to stay awake

Every inch of my body just wants to lie down and fall asleep. 

I did go out this morning, then went to the supermarket, and taxied home. 226 more words


Week 7 (of 12)

I was very nervous going into my blood draw at chemo this past Monday.  Email exchanges with my care team last week indicated that, given the timing of coordinating the logistics of a port surgery with the schedule of my immune system, the earliest I could get scheduld to have a port installed would be right before the beginning of my fourth cycle (i.e., mid Sept)!  534 more words


Is SAD stopping you?

What is stopping me from getting this done? I’m not feeling like the energizer bunny today, yet that’s no excuse. Someone told me a long while back, when your body speaks to you listen and do as it says. 412 more words

KJ Communications

Day 13. Back on track

Managed to get a last minute place for this mornings session. Still very quiet, lot of cancellations was just myself and two women today. They appeared at opposite ends of the ms scale. 193 more words


Dog Poo Bags

I was told to expect a gippy tummy with my radiotherapy. I have mentioned this before. I interpreted the side effect to mean runny poo, maybe lots of poop, but regardless, I took gippy tummy to be bowel based activity. 551 more words


Am I The Only One? 8 Simple Steps to Stress Relief

I sometimes struggle with feeling overwhelmed, tired, and anxious.

Am I the only one? I don’t think so.

I think I’m representative of a silent epidemic, one of many suffering in silence as I busily document “the good life” on social media. 1,035 more words

In the land of what if's

It started Sunday night. As I was saying goodbye to my mother after our usual Sunday dinner at her place, she mentioned she’d read somewhere that 7 am was the best hour to wake up. 687 more words

Multiple Sclerosis