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Rose Tint My World

Yeah, I know I forgot to make a post yesterday, but it was for a good reason! I finally got out to do things! Outside! With people! 516 more words

Fatigue in IBD

One of the symptoms I have been battling more frequently is random periods of extreme fatigue.  I will feel absolutely fine and then quite suddenly I am extremely lethargic and feel almost like I am in a cloudy haze, my body heavy and unable to move at my normal pace.   616 more words

Day 45

I can’t believe I’m almost half way through my 100 days, here’s to hoping the last half flies by. I was so anxious being in the hospital, thinking about coming home, but now that I’m home I’m kind of disappointed. 327 more words


I am tired of being tired ... or is it my thyroid ?

“I am feeling so tired now a days. No energy at all. I am putting on lot of weight lately, even though I am not eating much. 381 more words

Dry Skin

insight into addiction

It almost hit me in the face today, something I had been overlooking/ covering up.. ‘addiction’ can be a hereditary gene. I am not saying that applies to ‘drugs’ as it may well be that further up the family tree sugar is a more common addiction, and being that sugar is in most foods or most foods people look for it may mean that staying on the legal ‘drugs’ can still pass on in the nature of the child. 456 more words

Results monitor 27.07.14.

B/F Comments on 22.07.14.

  1.  Stiffness in and around the shoulder etc: The stiffness has been extending into the right upper arm, the right upper back and left shoulder.
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So Sore, so Tired...so Everything!

Really wading through treacle here. The heat and humidity have really not helped today. Unusually I did manage to steal back an hour of sleep this afternoon; this alone probably saved the day.  104 more words