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WEIRD Die Off.... Giddiness Anyone?

So this is the second time in this round of die-off that along with my balance issues I feel very strangely mellow and chill, a little disconnected and well… rather giddy and happy. 274 more words


Goodbye (Prose)

It’s been a long march over dirt roads and gravel lanes, through muddy creeks and snowy fields, on paths slick with ice and gritted with sand – but now the journey is done.  142 more words

Beauty Fatigue

I am tired of beauty.

On one hand, we have the constant barrage of techniques and products for making yourself more beautiful. These include altering your appearance through the use of makeup, hair styling, skin products and procedures, wardrobe choices, body hair removal, and even cosmetic surgery. 931 more words


Acoustic Fatigue of a Plate

Here is a paper showing how fatigue damage can be calculated from a stress response PSD for a plate excited by an acoustic pressure field:  … 21 more words


Natural Supplements for Fatigue

There are many people who feel tired or fatigued on a daily basis.  I want you to know this is NOT NORMAL.  You should feel refreshed in the morning and ready to tackle the day along with a steady stream of energy all day.  247 more words


The Secrets to Maximize Your Cardio for Your Health!

Cardio training is often thought to be an effective method for weight management. However, often I hear from people, “I do so much cardio and I’ve been gaining weight not losing weight!!” 952 more words



I’ve tried to take this little bump swimming once a week since about 15weeks. I’m not strict on it – I just go when I get the urge. 251 more words

Second Trimester