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Sugar Detox, Day 2: Still Going Strong

I miss chocolate.  Just kidding.  Not really.  I feel like I’ve been doing this detox for a week, but really it’s only the second day. Overall, it’s still ok because I’m eating the same foods that I prepped for the week.   390 more words

Saponification Addiction

I was warned. Soaping is addictive. Now I know just how true that statement is.

The whole process of soaping is a wonderful creative journey. It sometimes starts with a fragrance or an infatuation with a butter or fat. 164 more words


Meal Planning- 30 Day Challenge

It’s True abs are made in the kitchen more than in the gym!

When I get in trouble with my eating plan, it’s usually when I fail to PLAN! 495 more words

Clean Eating

Watermelon Cake?

Dessert is always the killer at parties. I watch people do soooo well during the meal- ordering something they won’t regret later, loading their plate with veggies and making sure they don’t overeat…and then the dessert options come along. 565 more words


Kitchen chemistry: soap in action

Our previous kitchen chemistry post discussed soap. Soap consists of sodium salts (or potassium salts) of fatty acids. For example, sodium stearate soap consists of sodium (Na+) and stearate C17H35COO−) ions: 263 more words


All calories are created equal. True or False?

A calorie is a measurement of heat energy. Our bodies need calories to function but how our body uses calories varies. Some calories are used for brain function, muscle building, etc. 341 more words

"Paleo Basics" SWS, Week 2: What to eat

“So, I’ve decided to give this paleo thing a try, but what beloved foods of mine will I have to give up, and what else will I not be able to eat?” 1,070 more words