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Fish Oil Capsules - 3 Key Facts You Should Know About Fish Oil Supplements

Taking fish oil capsules as a dietary supplement is really catching on among the health-conscious. Just yesterday I was at the drugstore and saw over a dozen omega 3 products crowding the shelves. 431 more words


Oleic Acid

By: Nikki Nies

I’ve talked a lot about fats due to their ubiquitous nature, our need for healthy fats and due to the controversies related to which fats are better than others.   300 more words

Nikki Nies

When Should I Retest? Some Helpful Information

One of the most common questions our lab team receives is from users asking how often they should retest.

This is a difficult question to answer. 600 more words

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Macadamia Oil for Healthy Skin and Body

Macadamia Oil for Healthy Skin and Body

Did you know Macadamia Oil can help your skin retain moisture, repair damage, reduce acne and other scars, and regain elasticity? 384 more words


Salmon: Fish for a Healthy Heart

Salmon, loved around the world. Cooked or eaten as sashimi(raw), this delicious fish comes with many health benefits, high in protein, potassium and vitamin B-6 & B-12. 93 more words


Pain Management - Foods That Help Ease Pain

Pain – something that no one wants to experience even once let alone daily and yet chronic pain is not uncommon. The Chronic Pain Association estimates that 50 million Americans endure chronic pain on a daily basis. 707 more words

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Top 10 SUPERfoods of 2011

You are what you eat, right? New research shows that everything from your basic veggies to exotic fruits can help get you in fighting shape for 2011. 446 more words

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