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My 1st Fatty

Who doesn’t want to make something called a Fatty that would make the entire Hardee’s franchise envious? What’s a fatty? Other than the obvious answer (awesome), it’s ultimately made of fillings of your choice, wrapped up in ground sausage, wrapped up in a bacon weave. 50 more words

Big Green Egg

Cribs: Winston's New House! (My bunny)


I bought Winston a cool new house. He looks about 3 x the size of it but he actually fits inside! He was trying to eat Dans trousers the fatty haha… 12 more words

My Life

It's been a while...

… I know. Sorry.

So what have ┬ámy been up to? Well let’s see. My cardiologist (well, electrophysiologist) tore me a new one close to my birthday (in May). 314 more words

The Last Person on Earth

Conversation in my head:

Me: Ugh. I just ate that Chick-fil-A sandwich, and now I feel like a heifer.
Myself: *chuckle* Get it?
Me: *chuckle* Oh, I get it. 23 more words


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