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Me Vs. Fatty

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I’ll go further into the concept of Fatty today.

Fatty is the one who makes bad decisions. Fatty is the one who eats all the food. 1,146 more words

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• Membrane formation: The neurons in your brain are surrounded by a double layered membrane made up out of fatty acids. These membranes are vital for proper brain function are they control the entry of the good (micronutrients, glucose and oxygen) and the exit of the bad (waste products) 344 more words

Fatty Food Corner!: Braised fatty pork belly

This delicious artery clogging delight is the braised pork belly at Zhong Shan restaurant on Taraval in San Francisco! Fatty Food Corner indeed!


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The importance of DHA to proper brain function, and therefore also to the management of ADD-ADHD, can hardly be overstated. Studies have shown that a lack of DHA can be linked to: 322 more words

The Gift of the Fatty

My boyfriend is almost impossible to shop for when it comes to holiday gifts. Not only is he the retail manager at a bike shop so can get deals on things that I wouldn’t be able to, but also makes more money than I do and lives under the philosophy that if he wants it, and it’s within his means, than he’ll just get it. 780 more words


The worst

When you give into the urge and buy a box of cookies to binge on and they’re not even good cookies.

I can’t do this shit, guys. 136 more words