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I Repulse Myself

So it’s been a while since I posted and that’s cos I’ve myself go tbhh. I’ve put on a ton of weight and I just look horrid. 380 more words


day 396 - best pineapple buns

lido has the best pineapple bun in town hands down. for someone who is too crazy about pineapple buns and not a huge fan of pastries, i would admit this is the biggest reason i eat there. 16 more words

My 365

Happy National Bacon Day!


My family isn’t huge on gadgets – we didn’t even have a pizza cutter or ice cream scoop growing up – so I never completely understood the point of filling up a kitchen with tiny little cheap appliances that say they’ll do more than they actually do. 331 more words

Me me me!

So I’m Emily! I’m 20 and from Manchester! This is my blog about life and things I’ve liked and loathed!
Single girl, going out enjoying life with the best friends a girl could wish for! 45 more words

day 390 - getting fat

saw these on sale and couldn’t turn down that deal. at least it lightens up a bad day. can’t imagine how much sugar is in that bag, now i am definitely going to get fat

My 365

Being a ButterBall

This is how I know I’m fat (asides from looking in the mirror)

  • My thighs rub together when I walk. I’ve taken to sensually rolling deodorant on them to stop the little red ‘fat rash’/ peeling of the skin that only real tubbos get.
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Don't squeeze me in the middle

The terms “diet” and “vacation” do not go together.  People who travel rarely worry about dieting.  Rather it’s more of a “fuck it.  I’m on vacation, I can eat an entire pie if I want to,” mentality.  681 more words