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Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet tail cow capicola short loin ball tip swine. Short ribs kielbasa tenderloin, corned beef prosciutto turkey meatloaf frankfurter. Bresaola pig filet mignon shank flank andouille. 65 more words


B*tch please!

B*tch says I’m getting fat? No problem, I got a boyfriend! Does she? >:}

Damn you plateau!!

Seriously. Damn you. Sitting at 168-170 this week. This needs to stoooooooop.
In other news I had fish burgers last night. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never had a fish burger beforehand. 86 more words


My 1st Fatty

Who doesn’t want to make something called a Fatty that would make the entire Hardee’s franchise envious? What’s a fatty? Other than the obvious answer (awesome), it’s ultimately made of fillings of your choice, wrapped up in ground sausage, wrapped up in a bacon weave. 50 more words

Big Green Egg

Cribs: Winston's New House! (My bunny)


I bought Winston a cool new house. He looks about 3 x the size of it but he actually fits inside! He was trying to eat Dans trousers the fatty haha… 12 more words

My Life

It's been a while...

… I know. Sorry.

So what have ┬ámy been up to? Well let’s see. My cardiologist (well, electrophysiologist) tore me a new one close to my birthday (in May). 314 more words