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coast-to-coast Madagascar

The plan is simple – to be a part of the world’s first group to walk across the northern part of the island from east to west, entirely on foot, a distance of almost 400 km, in the seemingly impossible timeframe of three weeks.

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Home with a view

This little fella had a home not so far from the Grand Prismatic Spring of Yellowstone National Park. Wish I could wake up tomorrow to the view his seeing right there.


The Flying Foxes of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens

There’s a great deal of imagery in the name “flying foxes”, as the fruit bats of Australia are called. The grey-headed flying foxes of Sydney are one of the largest bats in the Pteropodidae family, and share a fluffy rust-coloured neckline and impressive wingspan of nearly 3 feet (1 metre) in length. 168 more words


Double your chuck

Creating what looks like a threatening stance, this woodchuck was probably just holding a thin edible in his little clenched hand vs. trying to look menacing. 41 more words


Mt Townsend Trail, Washington

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

8.2 miles round trip

In 1792, as Captain George Vancouver was exploring the Puget Sound, he named a large, protected bay… 246 more words