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Red Panda Palooza!

September has been the Month of the Red Panda for three zoos who recently announced the birth of a combined FOUR red pandas, including a pair of twins!  259 more words

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A New Branch On The Tree Of Life

Scientists have discovered a new life form that defies the current organization of life on earth.  Fitting into none of the established animal kingdoms, the multi-cellular “sea mushroom” has researchers and taxonomists scratching their heads.  119 more words

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Coral nectar a feast for Honey eaters.

Glyphosate (round-up) has been found by researchers close to the Great Barrier Reef in seawater. This is a surprising finding to many as Glyphosate has been marketed as a biodegradable product by its makers. 166 more words


The beautiful Lake Mývatn of Iceland. The name conjures up romantic images, calm, soothing water, with a backdrop of beautiful volcanic landscape. But what does the word actually mean? 92 more words


No such thing as a free lunch

Taken near Lake Mývatn, this creature was busy cleaning the pollen off itself. Presumably after lapping greedily on these tiny flowers.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Every spring Swallows arrive in Britain and the rest of Europe having journeyed from southern Africa across the equatorial rainforest, the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean.   108 more words