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My Fave Five: Con Films

Catch Me If You Can

I loved this film when I first saw it. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks are two of my favourite actors and they do not disappoint in this thrilling and exciting con film. 164 more words


My Fave Five: Comedy films you might not have seen

Black Dynamite

A genuine non-stop laugh-out-loud film and there aren’t many of those around. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all, but is more than just a spoof of the ‘blaxploitation’ genre, it’s a great comedy. 190 more words


Fave Five: Food Memoirs

I’m not exactly sure what to call this genre of books that I so love so much. A friend of mine referred to them as food memoirs so I’ll use that – it’s probably as accurate a description as I could find. 418 more words


My Fave Five John Williams Movie Scores

I have stressed in several of my reviews how much a great score can contribute to a film.  A great composer can take what they see on screen and translate that into music, amplifying the emotion or set the atmosphere.  693 more words


Fave Five: Drugstore Beauty Buys

Once I find a product that I love, it takes me a long time to switch things up. For this very reason, almost 99% of my makeup is made by Nars. 360 more words