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Latest in Parker series is … fine, really

One of my favorite writers was Robert B. Parker, who wrote scores of crime novels before his death in 2010. Best among them was the series that followed the exploits of Spenser, the Boston private investigator. 387 more words

Favorite Books

"I'm hurtling through time, strapped to an explosive device, my life."

Okay, okay, Deborah Eisenberg. You win.

I read you. Finally. And yes, you’re stinking fantastic, just like “they” all say. And yes, this is probably news to no one but me. 1,431 more words


Library Journies: Stephen King

Lately I’ve had this impulse to read, or rather, re-read some Stephen King books. I can’t put my finger on why, after so many years, that I suddenly have to read them again; all my head is telling me is that I must. 788 more words


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Last week, I returned to the past to remember that childhood moment when both books and time were plentiful. I eventually grew out of the book-of-the-month selections offered to kids and tweens and forged my own literary path at my local library. In this post I wrote for Geek Force Network, I recall how once that path veered off into the creepy and sinister territory overseen by Stephen King. Despite harboring young fears of scary books, King's books spoke to teenage me in a way unlike other books, frankly, directly, and deftly. As everything old is new again, I once more find myself in need of King's words and eerie visual mastery.

Best Book of March--Jennifer Donnelly's "Revolution"

It has recently come to my attention–ie. I discovered the book sitting under a half-eaten, one pound box of Sees candy and an 2″ by 3″ acrylic box full of multi-colored standard sized paper clips–that when I returned home from spring break, I had forgotten to update my book list with the best book I read all the month of March: … 401 more words

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Books About Travel To Charge Your Wanderlust

If you don’t get away as often as you like, or you want to fuel your imagination for your next trip, there are plenty of books about travel for your delectation. 793 more words


Review: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Wow. I am shell shocked after reading this book. Ain’t it awesome. Well, everyone I knew were going on and on about how much they like this book. 298 more words

Weekly Brief - Reading Round-up

My stack of reading materials is growing exponentially. Friends are handing me favorite books, and I’ve found dozens of interesting Titles on Twitter.

Sadly though, I am setting my lovely books to one side so that I can immerse myself in… 211 more words

Weekly Brief