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My Top Cleansers

I have tried many cleansers but none have worked as well as the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser and the Yes To Tomatoes Acne Control Gel Cleanser. 256 more words


Ultimate Homemaking ebook Bundle! Check it out!

I’m so excited to share with you The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle it is awesome and so worth it! I wanted to be a part of this bundle this year because I was so excited about it. 267 more words


Day 113: Five guys you find attractive

I do believe I’ve already written about this subject. An entire post dedicated to guys I’m attracted to. But I don’t mind doing it again! Here’s what I come up with this time without peeking at the previous post. 14 more words

365 Day Journal Challenge

An Easter Story

One thing that anyone who knew my mom knew, was that when it came to holidays, she was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL in. From 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day picnics, to costumes especially created for almost every other holiday, she enjoyed every minute. 948 more words



Any writer knows that you usually have multiple story ideas running through your head at any given time. Whether you’re actively working on more than one story is a whole other can of worms, but I think we can all agree that it’s entirely likely that there’s always more than one story brewing in the background of your mind. 583 more words

A Little About Me for a Change

As a writer, it’s practically impossible to put words to paper and not reveal a little about yourself.  Part of what makes travel writing so interesting to read, for example, is not just the descriptions or the pictures, but how the journey affects the author. 361 more words

Complete Randomness

Everything #111: I Got A Razon To Have Halo-Halo

April 21, 2014: At first, the halo-halo crave monster in me was hesitant on that day when we set foot to Razon’s. The absence of gulaman (jellies), sago, beans, and others makes their halo-halo, a popular summer Pinoy dessert, unappealing. 57 more words

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