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Are You Mom’s or Dad’s Favorite? Work in You Sleep?

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FAVORITE CHILD: We all know which kid Mom and Dad liked best, and odds are you’re thinking it’s not you. But does that really make a difference? 206 more words


Who's the child here, anyway?

My feelings have been hurt. You see, lately our kids have been very much into mommy. From wanting only mommy to push them in the stroller, to mommy putting them to bed. 273 more words


Ancestral Madness

I have been reminded that suicidal ideation runs in my family. With my mother, sometimes sister, father and me. Who knows who the rest might be. 401 more words


Dear Church

Do you want to know what the worst part about calling churches is?  Well, if you don’t then skip this post because that’s what this will be all about.  2,153 more words

Favoring One Child Over Others

I grew up with a father who wasn’t all that interested in spending time with my brothers and me after he and my mom got divorced.   600 more words



God does not show favouritism to the physically fit, nor did he create the world in such a way to favour the strong. Their strength is meant to protect, defend and serve their weaker counterparts. 331 more words

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