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Favourite Songs - September '14

Good Evening Munchkins! Today I thought I’d do something quite quick and simple because, oh look, it’s quite late but with my Mum having her blog now (check out Crazy Shrimp Creations) and me still not being able to tell her I have to do it when I know she’s not going to sit down next to me and just hover and she’s out with friends tonight, so all good, all good! 1,023 more words

Favourite Song: Trampled by Turtles 'Repition' – or maybe déjà vu?

Trampled by Turtles have released a new album, a gorgeous autumn-fest called “Wild Animal” and two songs* specifically make my heart bleed metaphorically like a flower. 166 more words

Favourite Songs

Favourite Song: Dan Mangan and Blacksmith 'Vessel' – it's just me screaming with glee

One of the greatest things as a music geek is stumbling over a new song by an artist when you didn’t expect it and then this song turns out to be the greatest thing you’ve heard in ages. 463 more words

Favourite Songs

Favourite Song: Little Dragon 'Pretty Girls' - Prince probably whisper-sings this song to his ladies

Usually, this late 80s/90s bedroom soul music a la Sade and Prince is really not my cup of tea and I blame the music video to this song for really liking it despite all that Prince-ish vibe because it has zombies in it. 48 more words

Favourite Songs

Favourite Song: The New Pornographers 'Brill Bruisers'

The New Pornographers are one of those bands I am aware of but didn’t have a clear musical idea of. I wonder why because the first song on their new album (both titled “Brill Bruisers”) dives right into my alley, throws confetti and hands out candy (wrapped of course, for hygienic reasons). 167 more words

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Favourite Song: Carina Round ft. Aidan Hawken 'Come Undone'

First off, thanks for this discovery go to the fabulous S.P. who is a member of our awesome “Give me a Song“-group on Facebook and offered this song for August – S.P. 229 more words

Favourite Songs

Favourite Song: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 'Coming Down'

I knew it. I knew that this album would follow me around this year and here I am, obsessed with this song that is so typical and so unusual for CYHSY and that is so beautiful and exciting like a shot of adrenaline and at the same time feels so centered and assuring like you’re standing on a mountain and see a thunderstorm below you unfurling and ripping worlds apart. 47 more words

Favourite Songs