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Ancient hymns - Alleluia sing to Jesus

“Alleluia sing to Jesus” was written by William C Dix in 1867- there’s a reason this series is called ancient hymns. William wrote over 40 hymns in his sixty plus years on earth 1837 -1898, he was thirty years old when he wrote this hymn that has blessed millions of people around the world especially Anglicans. 389 more words

Favourite Songs

Lyrically - Who am I?

Ever heard a song that feels like you wrote it and it was written about you at the same time? That’s how I feel about this song by Casting Crowns. 419 more words

Favourite Songs

Day 19 of #100HappyDays

There is no bigger stress buster than listening to good old loud music!!! Listening to music helps you calm your mind and makes you feel happy. 46 more words


Said I loved you

Michael Bolton is one of my favourite singers, or should I say used to be, seeing that I haven’t heard anything from him in the last ten years or so. 599 more words

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Ancient hymns- Lord thy word abideth

  I’ll start with a confession- I didn’t go to church today. I’ve been struggling with my health and had a monumental shock yesterday, I couldn’t summon the energy to leave my bed before 10:00 am. 235 more words

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Lost Stars (Begin Again Soundtrack)

Well, This is the 1st time of my life that i really want to do
01.00 am in the morning (18/01/2015)
I was on my favourite place (the terrace at top of my house) 74 more words

Favourite Songs

Lyrically - Give me the night

This song is one of my absolute favourite song, a song I can listen to nonstop twenty times (I’ve listened to it twenty four times before, on replay). 321 more words

Favourite Songs