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Autumn outfit already?!

Hey guys! Hope you’re all well ^_^
So over the weekend, I had trouble with deciding to wear. Even though it’s August & typically should be summery & hot, I’m currently sitting here with my penguin hot water bottle& a big fluffy jumper because I’m freezing! 324 more words


Favourite Quote #1

The Sun’s radiations were burning the envelopes of the planets, made of helium and hydrogen: in the sky, where our uncles and aunts were, fiery globes spun, dragging after them long beards of gold and turquoise, as a comet drags its tail.

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The Favourite Royal of ... Jordi

I love it that about everybody thus far had different favourite royals. So if you’d like to tell about yours, just sent me a message. 194 more words


Whole house refurbishments- and the small details

So as you all know, or have worked out by now, we are moving back to WA in a few weeks. To say Im looking forward to it, is a total understatement. 1,032 more words

Interior Design

Blog a day - day 19 - my favourite film.

My favourite film is quite an old one, I only have it on VHS. It’s called:
Now and then

In a nut shell it’s about four girls, school age, who are leaving for different schools and it follows each of their lives until they meet up again in their 20’s/30’s. 41 more words

Why I love Kudo Haruka?

I decited to challenge myself to write something about my Hello! Project favourite members every day. I start eith Kudo Haruka, my oshi from Morning Musume ’14. 80 more words