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Fun Favours: Macarons

Fun Favours: Macarons
by gaby on 28 July, 2014

Well, you KNOW it’s going to be a great week when it starts with macarons, proper? These little bites of sunshine have firmly engrained themselves in the heart of brides and wedding bloggers alike – and not only are they delicious, but the… … 7 more words

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MY wedding favours

Lilac and gray macarons for our wedding favours


Do me a favour!

I apologise for being absent for many weeks – it’s been incredibly busy, what with planning and making wedding favours for a friend.

Yes! You heard it right! 558 more words


five favours to future-me

I have spent far too many years chasing the elusive title of Legit Adult™, rather than accepting that progress is a better goal than perfection. I’m doing my best to not compare myself to others (you know who you are, making it all look so easy to be a grown-up), and instead to just measure up to the former me. 1,331 more words

Reality Bites

Wedding Favours Ideas

Wedding favours are sweet and charming way to give your guests something to remember on your special day. You can make your unique, personalised wedding favours or you can simply save some time and order a ready-made ones. 128 more words



Chelsey from Ready to Rock Weddings & Events has wrote about The Candle Shoppe on her lovely blog! Check it out! Thanks Chelsey! Click the link below! 6 more words

Wedding Favours That Conserve Lives

Wedding ceremony favours are a waste of time. They can be one particular of individuals items that you tension about for ages. You’ll be striving to feel of one thing personalized to the 2 of you that your guests will also take pleasure in, but the reality of the matter is that most of them … … 7 more words

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