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Adults Only Or A Family Affair

This is a topic that I feel quite strongly about!  When I got married 18 years ago it wasn’t a problem as we didn’t have any relatives, family or friends with young children.   225 more words


10 Wedding Favours Under £2.50

When it comes to wedding favours nowadays there are an abundance of options to choose from.  The great thing about wedding favours is that you can theme any favour around your desired theme, colour scheme or style. 845 more words


What can I put in my favour boxes?

Traditionally five sugared almonds were given to wedding guest as a gift from the bride to symbolize Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility.

Today however most brides aren’t keen on something that seems so old fashioned, and look for a twist on the idea giving anything from personalised alcohol miniatures to photoframes and luxury candles. 188 more words


Humility is like a fragrance when worn attracts people to you, making them feel good about themselves & grant you favours, beyond your imaginations, even when you don’t ask.
Good morning & be inspired!


Magical vaginas

I have to confess, I got far too much pleasure from writing that title.

In case you’ve missed it a quick recap. A female games developer (who has already been getting a lot of hate for daring to be a woman in the games industry and having the gall to point out the games industry has a problem with sexism) split up with her boyfriend. 736 more words


Hadith of the Day

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying:

Look at those who stand at a lower level than you but don’t look at those who stand at a higher level than you, for this would make the favours (conferred upon you by Allah) insignificant (in your eyes)

Hadith Of The Day

Baby showers - on a budget

I’m in the midst of brainstorming for an upcoming baby shower cake for a dear friend of mine, and have been inundated with tons of gorgeous pictures and ideas.  357 more words