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A Boat Museum That Draws Painters….One In Particular

The Center for Wooden Boats draws boaters….as you would expect. But there’s something about the museum’s collection of historic boats lined up on the docks in the fading golden summer light or sailing in close formation during a lesson on Lake Union that has always drawn another crowd. 709 more words


My pitch for a Captain Marvel relaunch, part 1

Much as I did with Superman, shall I now do with Captain Marvel. This pitch for Captain Marvel would take place in the same universe as the other pitch(es), so for simplicity’s sake I will now refer to said universe as Earth-36. 1,362 more words

Our lovely home for Haiku's spring 2014 season

The Colonel Fawcett pub where we will be holding I’m Sorry I Haven’t Haiku for the spring season – March 4 – April 15 (and maybe more!)

Red Poppy

Artist: Ann Fawcett
Description: Red flower with stem on sparkle background
Medium: Mixed media
Price: $10.00


Sunny Smile

Artist: Ann Fawcett
Description: Face/sun in center and large triangle pieces around it
Measurement: 15.5” x 19.75”
Medium: Mosaic
Price: $30.00