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The Perils of Prostitution!!

So I’ve just spent a thoroughly enjoyable Sunday with my husband.  We woke up, laid in bed with cats on our tummies and dark coffees in our hands, smelled the fresh autumn breezes coming in through the window, smiled at each other, and decided that today was definitely the day to tackle… 635 more words


The Thomas Crown Affair.

Even if you can’t stand no more Steve “The King of Cool” McQueen because he’s overhyped everywhere and since a few years he’s used as a style icon by advertisers, magazines, etc ( sad thing is there’s no living substitute.). 245 more words


Faye Dunaway Blinks Back the Tears at Lyon's Lumière Fest

LYON – “You’ve really, really got to me,” said Faye Dunaway, blinking back the tears and pausing before further speech at the opening ceremony of the Grand Lyon 2014 Lumière Festival. 539 more words


Grand Lyon-Lumière Festival Shines a Light on Classics

In recent years, the fall festival season has turned fiercely competitive not just between the films themselves, but also among the fest directors selecting them — as the pressure to get first dibs on the newest, newsiest premieres has necessitated cutthroat programming politics. 586 more words


Faye Dunaway, Robert Redford, and a great love scene

From a movie which is a somewhat violent spy thriller, comes, for me, perhaps one of the best movie love scenes. It’s between Faye Dunaway and Robert Redford in the movie “Three Days of the Condor.” Robert Redford plays Turner, a CIA analyst. 550 more words

Three Days of the Condor (1975)

When people say it’s just like a ’70s spy thriller! or if you like ’70s spy thrillers, you’ll love this!, the movie they’re all referring to whether they know it or not is… 780 more words

Robert Redford