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Marketing Keywords to Know: December 18, 2014

Reddit Gamified

Definition: Applying engaging and motivating design techniques that give users a sense of achievement or status, much like Reddit’s upvote/downvote features

Anyone who knows how to internet is probably familiar with social network/news sharing website, … 159 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Marketing Keywords to Know: December 11, 2014

Vertical Video

Definition: A video filmed by holding a smartphone vertically instead of horizontally

You’re having an epic party and you’ve asked your friend to film some of the shenanigans with their smartphone. 124 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Marketing Keywords to Know: December 4, 2014


Definition: A compilation of video clips used to showcase a recurring theme, word, or phrase

Generally made to create a comedic effect, supercuts are montages of isolated incidents that are very similar. 101 more words

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Military Times features Follett Boarding Co. in “Veteran Made Holiday Guide”

Salt Lake City, UT (November 10, 2014) This fall, Follett Boarding Co. (FBC) and the Military Times are working together to bring the FBC “Bomber” model snowboard to veterans. 264 more words


Marketing Keywords to Know: November 20, 2014

Loss Leader

Definition: A strategy where goods or services are offered at outstanding prices to encourage shoppers to patronize a store

Have you ever gone into a store to buy a couple of sale items and walked out with bags of merchandise instead? 107 more words

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Brief Notes on RBC Films

Haemolytic anaemias

  • Spherocytes
    • Hereditary spherocytosis
    • Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia
    • Alloimmune haemolytic anaemia
  • Microspherocytes
    • Spherocytic haemolytic anaemia
    • Burns
    • MAHA
  • Microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia / schistocytes
    • Pregnancy-associated hypertension
    • Cancer…
  • 94 more words
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