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The Breakup & The Hangover #Ferguson

It’s like a bad breakup. You go over the situation and evidence over in your head again and again, trying to figure out where it went wrong. 552 more words


...None But Ourselves Can Free Our Mind

Yesterday was rough. Today started rough. We are dealing with some very complex matters that affect all of us emotionally and physically and they do snowball into bigger and more complex matters. 1,182 more words


If It's Not Safe For All Of Us - It's Not Safe For Any Of Us

I do not want to write this post today. In large part because I don’t have anything nice to say, and also because I have so many emotions about this that I am not sure that I can put it into something coherent, let alone helpful and damn sure not entertaining. 890 more words


Brad Lambert: Start Times Haven't Been Good For Our Students

Charlotte 49ers Head Coach Brad Lambert joined the guys for a recap of the teams second season of football, the move to the FBS level, and what some of the issues are in regards to the lack of student of attendance… 59 more words



I search for the words today to make the world seem better. To make me think that I don’t have to worry about my children and the police, … 567 more words


Facebook: This is my Farewell In Advance.

It’s been fun. It’s been a great way to keep people informed on my life who do not actively participate in it. It’s been a fun way to stay in touch with people from afar, and to be privy to such intimate details as who cooks ugly food, and who has problems in their relationship. 599 more words


Idiocracy: Are We Really Getting Dumber or Are We Just Lazy and Ignorant?

Mike Judge – the brain behind King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead made a movie a few years back called Idiocracy. 389 more words