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David Alaba - the most modern player in the world

In the modern game, versatility is an increasingly important quality. Players are asked to play in different positions, different roles and different systems. Of course, this has been the case previously too, but we’re really seeing the way player development is going and that is towards the “universal” player, as it has been labelled by some, a player who could do almost everything on the pitch in order to make his team better and flourish individually. 983 more words

Pep Guardiola

UEFA Champions League

Champions League matchday five permutations

Group E
PFC CSKA Moskva (4 pts) v AS Roma (4)
Manchester City
FC (2) v FC Bayern München (12) 796 more words

#893 - Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski “A New Chapter” wallpaper, you like it?

FC Bayern München

Dreierpack 35: FAF verdrängen - Matchday 10 discussion with @luc_bvb

Conor, Lewis and Dan return to the fold once more with improved sound quality and Luca (@luc_bvb) as guest.

Discussed by the four gents is “der Klassiker” (don’t worry, we don’t actually think that’s a thing), Bayern against Dortmund, the other exciting games (some top of the table clashes and relegation six pointers), and Luca’s Bundesliga Room 101. 52 more words


Dreierpack 34: "Edgar Prib sounds like this..." - Matchday 9 discussion with @heynckelpott

Conor, Lewis and Daniel are joined by Scott (@heynckelpott) to discuss one of the maddest matchdays of the season so far, as the Spitzenreiter took on the “Spitzenzweiter” in what felt like a clash from the 70s but reloaded, Armin Veh returned to Frankfurt in significant style (sadly not in terms of his apparel), and Dortmund lost again. 57 more words


FC Bayern Bullies Werder Bremen and the Bundesliga...

When a team is simply the best a picture speaks a thousand words…

Rarely do I ever focus on just one game in my analyses but I think it’s worthy to spend just a wee bit of time on the Bayern – Bremen match to really drive home what my Family of Indices can show. 989 more words

Possession With Purpose