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Webinar on Net Neturality--July 30, 2014

Net Neutrality: Recent Changes in Legislation
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 – 1:00pm – 2:00pm Eastern Time

“There is one Internet. It must be fast, robust and it must be open. 380 more words

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Equal Employment Opportunity and the FCC

How would you respond if you opened the mail and found a letter from the EEO asking how well you have complied with their EEO rules?  284 more words

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One Million Net Neutrality Comments Vs. $42 Million in ISP Lobbying

Newly released lobbying figures show that broadband providers are still far outpacing Internet companies on spending in D.C., as federal regulators consider how to write new rules for Internet lines. 440 more words


If you like GMG, you'd better tell the FCC

I’m not kidding.  The FCC is seriously considering new rules that would allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to slow down content from GMG and speed up content from someone else, who’s willing to pay extra to have their content delivered faster.   139 more words


OVERNIGHT TECH: House to vote on STELA, paving way for Senate

THE LEDE: On Tuesday, the House will vote on a bill that makes tweaks to the video marketplace while reauthorizing the law governing satellite television. That law, the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELA), is set to expire at the end of the year, which would leave roughly 1.5 million Americans, mostly in rural areas, without access to NBC, ABC and other programming. 348 more words


Sunday Discussion: My Letter To The FCC About Net Neutrality

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, I am catching up!  I am talking about my recent letter to the FCC about Net Neutrality.  As you know, the FCC is thinking about changing the rules and the new rules would allow the internet providers to charge certain companies to be put on a “fast lane”, which is wrong!   447 more words

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Verizon promises to improve upload speeds as it pretends Netflix and YouTube don't exist

Verizon is planning to increase the speed with which its FiOS Internet subscribers can upload content to the Web to reverse the service’s slowing expansion, … 496 more words