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Open Petition to UK Government: Clarify Your Stance over Hong Kong’s Democratic Future

Open petition on Change.org

In response to the comments made by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on Sep 4, 2014

1) The Chinese governemnt’s proposed model to pre-screen Hong Kong Chief Executive (CE) candidates before Hong Kong citizens are allowed to vote… 218 more words

From The International Community

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office's "great insult" to Hong Kong

4 Sept 2014 | Original

Anson Chan, Hong Kong’s “iron lady,” says FCO’s comments are “a great insult.” 

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has responded to China’s plans for electoral reform in Hong Kong. 155 more words

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Snapshot: NATO Wales Summit September 4-5, 2014 - By The Numbers

– Domani Spero
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  • 60 world leaders
  • 70 foreign ministers
  • 70 defence ministers
  • 28 NATO member countries invited to the summit
  • 3 military bands involved over the 2 days…
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Foreign Affairs

Hon Sir Richard Ottaway MP: We plan to continue with our inquiry

3 Sept 2014 | Foreign Affairs Committee

The Committee also published letters from the Chinese government and Hong Kong Trade Office threatening the UK to refrain from “interfering in China’s internal affairs.” 150 more words


China 'has breached terms of Hong Kong handover'

Malcom Moore | 2 Sept 2014 | Telegraph

China has breached an agreement set when Hong Kong was handed back, but there is little the UK can do about it, says head of foreign affairs committee

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‘Blatant interference’: China condemns UK inquiry into Hong Kong democracy progress

2 Sept 2014 | Reuters

Chinese authorities have demanded Britain drop an inquiry into the progress of democratic reforms in Hong Kong, accusing it of “highly inappropriate” interference in its internal affairs.

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Tweet of the Day: Commemorating the White House Burning, Sorry!

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First the good news!  The British diplomats in D.C. enjoy a smokin’ good barbecue.  Apparently, they had a  a ‘White House BBQ’ to… 248 more words