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Love letters to libraries

So, for a nice change, libraries have got some press attention and some rather glamorous cheerleaders at the moment. Neil Gaiman has spoken out in their favour, describing being left alone in a library as an inquisitive 8-year-old as akin to being given… 1,281 more words

Unfair, unjust and unsafe

This complaint is directed at the Director of Consular Services at the FCO, London.

Matt Harland was convicted of a child sex offence in 2010, however, this conviction is manifestly unfair, unjust and unsafe. 340 more words

APLE Cambodia

Arranging interviews and first setbacks

I suppose it was going to happen at some point, but I’ve just had my first real setback in the project.

I’ve been arranging interviews a lot recently, which has mainly consisted of emailing lots of people and phoning those I can. 367 more words


Hello all. I’m finally getting to these pictures from a few days ago, been getting a bit behind in blogging but I couldn’t wait too long since I went to one of my favorite, most picturesque sims to take these, Done Wiv a Twist Estate. 154 more words


Britain stays quiet on "Butcher of Bahrain"

For those of you have been following the case, I recently asked the Information Commission to review the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) decision to withhold a conversation that took place in between Ian Henderson and David Tatham, an employee of the FCO. 314 more words


Travel Insurance: Do you take the risk?

Many people still choose to travel without adequate travel insurance. The FCO ‘know before you go’ campaign has put together a useful infographic debunking some of the assumptions people make about travel insurance, and the costs you face by not taking it out… 9 more words