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Genentech CEO Disses Wearables, but Expects Cancer Strides Soon

Genentech CEO Ian Clark took a few swipes at wearables during an interview Thursday on the state of digital health, but stressed that there is growing promise in emerging technology for advancing medical research. 271 more words


How Would an FDA Standard of Identity for Honey Benefit Consumers, the Honey Industry, and U.S. Agriculture? USDA Wants to Know.

By Robert A. Hahn

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has published a Federal Register notice requesting comments on a possible federal standard of identity for honey. 409 more words


The New Ebola Virus and the Truth They Don’t Want You To Know

In 2012 an official study was conducted to show how Ebola transferred between pigs and monkeys in separate cages, never placed in direct contact. The experiment suggested that the spread of Ebola could occur through droplets suspended in the air. 878 more words

Team Waking Up


By John R. Block

What should we be eating? We are getting hammered from every angle about what is good for us versus what is bad. 350 more words


​Whoa! Should You Eat Tuna While Pregnant? The Surprising Debate​

We told you a while back that the FDA and EPA introduced a minimum amount of fish that pregnant women should be eating each week: 8-12 ounces. 204 more words