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President Franklin Roosevelt and Few Civil Rights for African Americans

Despite the efforts of his wife Eleanor and African American leaders, President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration made little progress on civil rights.

New Deal programs discriminated against blacks. 469 more words

American History

The People's House

Julia Pierson, head of the Secret Service, testified before Congress yesterday on the security lapses that resulted in a fence jumper making it into the White House and then into the East Room.   779 more words


A Fresh Take on the New Deal

The Constitution and the New Deal
G. Edward White

History, they say, is written by the winners.

G. Edward White would agree with that statement. He’d then do his best to persuade you that the winners had gamed the system in making their case. 863 more words


Franklin D. Roosevelt


I have been deeply inspired by the creator of Humans of New York ever since I saw the site. And while I am sure other people have had the idea, I wanted to do Humans of Earth; My goal for this project is to show the connection that all beings share, to inspire people all over the world with words that people say every day. 1,697 more words

Map Reading

In February of 1942, Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked all U.S. citizens to go out and buy a durable map in preparation for his first address to the nation following the attack on Pearl Harbor. 307 more words

FDR's Perspective on the NFL

I was thinking about something today in my History class. Yea, I’m in a predominately-freshmen History 101 as a junior because I’ve been a self-proclaimed Graphic Design Major for the last two years. 533 more words

The Progressive Deception

No nation is permitted to live in ignorance with impunity. I am persuaded that the good sense of the people will prevail.

They may be led astray for a moment, but will soon correct themselves.

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