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Workers Unite!

A very happy Labor Day to all!

Today we celebrate workers – you know, the humans who actually produce the wealth that the rich like to appropriate. 115 more words

Happy Labor Day Everybody!

UPDATED This is the day Grover Cleveland signed Labor Day into law to celebrate the Labor Movement in its efforts to price American businesses out of the market and ship industries and jobs overseas. 323 more words

Barack Obama



As Americas traditional summer season comes to a close this Labor Day weekend, we refocus our attention on serious matterslike the start of a new school year, Congress returning to Washington to give the appearance of doing the people… 953 more words

The 22nd Amendment

In 1944, Thomas Dewey, the Republican nominee for President, has this to say about a multi-term President:

“Four terms, or sixteen years, is the most dangerous threat to our freedom ever proposed.” (1) 123 more words

General Political Science

Kitten me softly...

I’m pretty sure my cats are trying to kill me.


My cats. I have two of them. Don’t ask me how…but there are two of them. 960 more words


Liberals Struggles With Ending Poverty

This is the first of a two-part series on poverty.  The article will examine why despite trillions pumped into anti-poverty programs and outspoken support from the Left has failed to end poverty in any meaningful way.   1,582 more words


“The fighters were cut off from the rest of the world…not offered any assistance. . ." Three must-read books.

“The fighters were cut off from the rest of the world…not offered any assistance or encouragement.. as far as were concerned, they did not exist. . 607 more words