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The Storm on the Sea of Galilee

I’d like to dedicate this post to my father, who passed away earlier this week. He was a great Dad, and I will miss him. I had already been working on this for several weeks, but it seems a very appropriate painting for a man who was in the navy in WWII and went through the storms of many battles, as well as a gigantic typhoon that caused much damage to the American fleet in the Pacific. 1,453 more words

Fall Back into Daylight Savings Time

It seems like only yesterday, spring was in the air and we were springing ahead – losing an hour of sleep, but gaining an hour of sunlight. 330 more words

Lions Pride

History and Broadway: yes, they go together

Some favorite Broadway shows took place in historical times, and some shows include historical, non-fictional people. In this weeks post, I will be talking about just a few shows that show this. 801 more words


US History Unit 06: Blog and Research

Research the following Events and terms about US history of the time period (140-1960)
Required: FDR’s Quarantine Speech(1937), FDR’s Four Freedoms Speech(1941), Atlantic Charter (1941), CTYP Conferences, UN Charter (1945),  58 more words

School Activities

Social Work, Democracy And Self-Deception

My search for hidden meme-ing continues and as usual, it found me before I even stepped out to take a look. There are days when it seems I am the only voice of dissent in the worlds of FB and Twitter. 420 more words


Killing Patton by Bill O'Reilly

 (10/10) Books don’t get better than this. I absolutely love Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing’ series of books including Lincoln and Kennedy. Anyone who enjoys reading or listening to books should get this one. 68 more words


Misconceptions: "Minimum Wage Jobs Aren't Supposed to be Careers"

The other day, I saw one of my Facebook friends post this image:

The claim that minimum wage jobs aren’t supposed to be careers, and that consequently any adult who still has one deserves a wage that cannot be lived on, is dangerously misleading. 1,254 more words