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In most areas of our lives, we are taught to “dream big,” to “shoot for the stars,” and that “anything is possible.” After my post yesterday, I got to thinking. 412 more words


The one fear that rips your dream to shreds EVERY single time... (Read Time: 5 min.)

There’s this one fear… a small, quiet voice with a HUGE, resounding impact… and it’s not one of those fears that you can push away and say, “Thank you for sharing but I got this.”  Nope… This is a fear whose primary mission is to keep you small.   1,193 more words


I fear that people won’t like my best work.


That gut feeling... - My Journey to Empowered Purpose Week 4

Step 4 of EP7, Empowered for Purpose, is all about developing and trusting our intuition to help us live more in tune with our desires. What really stood out for me during this session was how George described intuition as a function of our subconscious mind, transcending time as we know it, to analyse facts unavailable to our five senses. 1,310 more words



Please excuse my long absence – school holidays came and went, along with the usual chaos/fun they involve, followed by two weeks of cleaning up the mess.  978 more words

Trail Running

Faith conquers fear

This is a very bitter sweet post for me to be writing tonight. The irony is staggering in all actuality, but what an amazing opportunity for me to stare the greatest of enemies in the face, and charge head on? 779 more words

Fire & Ice

Your breath is hot on my skin

Fingers causing icy shivers

up and down my spine

Why do I feel so afraid

and excited at the same time… 289 more words

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