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Hell is not as far away as many do believe
It is not a far away realm where people burn and seethe
It’s not another dimension that’s opened after death… 309 more words


Fear in the Storm

Scripture Reading: Mark 4:35-41, Psalm 46:10

Fear.  A word so small, it should be insignificant…

yet somehow this word has the power to take hold of our life in such a way that we can become enslaved to it. 677 more words


The Fear of Ebola as an Epidemic as Compared to Influenza and Pneumonia: Fear and Security

The other day at a high school football game in I overheard a conversation about the dread and fear that seems to be growing about an Ebola Epidemic in the United States. 593 more words


All The Feelings

Sometimes, I feel more than I think I should. Do you ever feel that way?

I have always been a severely empathetic person. For example, my mother tells the story of a time in my early toddlerhood when she was unaware I could speak in full sentences. 460 more words

Singing My Song

running away from problems… when you are the problem

Last night while watching The CW’s (no, I’m not a 14 year old girl, I just find their shows oddly entertaining and rather well-casted–if you know what I mean), … 690 more words


Spread The Fear

Spread the Fear

The radio turns on to wake you for the next work day
The first thing that you hear is how the world is in dismay… 540 more words


Job: Submitting in Fear

Scripture Reading: Job 3:25, Job 38-41, Job 42: 1-6

I’m convinced Job, in modern day, would have the last name Jones.

He’d be the guy who manages to open the car door for his wife on Sunday morning, while simultaneously toting a toddler in a manly baby b’journ, and throwing the fully packed diaper bag (with homemade food and cloth diapers) over his shoulder. 349 more words