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When mediocrity becomes the norm

Fear is often the underlying reason for mediocrity. Fear of failure immobilizes countless artists and teachers.

Nancy Beach, An Hour on Sunday

What is this mediocrity Nancy Beach is referring to? 411 more words


Let Go to Find Peace

Take the risk of letting go of all that you’re clinging to and dare to face the fear that is driving you. Your fear will then pass through you and it will be all over. 100 more words


Creative Blockage

We are limited human beings who often wrestle with voices that say there are no more ideas and we can’t create. But we serve a God who is the Master Designer, the one who crafted every bird’s intricate wing, who loves our churches more than we ever can. 632 more words

Why I Don't Want To Have It All

I’m 37, happily married, and childless by choice. I’ve read all the related articles…the cover story of Time, “Having it All Without Having Children… 361 more words


Where's the money?

We can become so bound by fear of mistakes that we no longer venture into the unknown….There is no learning without failure. All of us know that. 471 more words
Spiritual Truth

Afraid Of Failure

I was watching a TED Talk while walking on the treadmill at 5 a.m. the other day. I was half asleep so I don’t remember the name of the speaker but I remember that it was about overcoming the fear of failure. 348 more words