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Fear of the... Dark?

Being an uncomplicated thinker and a realist means that I generally take the view of “Que sera, sera”, meaning that what will be will be. Henceforth, it means I have almost no sense of danger. 982 more words


shine brighter

Today, I was caught off guard with a rather unexpected question: Are you just afraid of getting into a relationship?

Initially, I wanted to yell, … 475 more words


Fear - Diary of Anonymity

Diary of Anonymity  is a new series we bring to you. It is a collection of leaflets from the diaries of different people, which are reported by us. 429 more words


juicy peaches

The worst part of being sick—besides the whole throwing up (sorry for the visual!), achy all over, I’msofreakingtiredandmyheadisonfire kind of thing—is that you have extra time on your hands. 490 more words


Sorrowful News

My friend’s father passed away this morning. My heart bleeds endless anguish for her loss, seeping into my veins to poison all happiness. I long to save my friend from the pain of loss but I am powerless to stop the inevitable progress of death and time. 241 more words


"I Don't Trust You "

You might not.

But, there’s still some trust there.

The issue is what you are trusting in.
Faithful or unfaithful. Love or hate.

” I don’t trust myself.” 52 more words


Mr. Cosby & The Myth of Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable

I don’t know Mr. Cosby. Yes, I remember seeing him selling jello pudding pops. Like most of America, I LOVED The Cosby Show, and all that it represented for the American family in general, but especially for Black Americans. 472 more words