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Thinking will kill you

Seriously. If you think too much, your head will explode. Not literally, of course. Although the headache that can come with said thinking sure feels like your head is actually exploding. 267 more words


Ch ch ch changes

In the past couple of months, I have experienced varying levels of anxiety. The anxiety has been tied to the weddings I have attended that were of people from my past, the fear of confrontation, and being able to be the person I am today in a setting that is out of my comfort zone. 902 more words


I Don't Know How

I can’t do it. I cannot do it. I can’t.

Tonight I’m so scared about the thought of leaving here, of changing my life. How can I really make it work out okay? 422 more words


Facing Fear...When It's Two Inches Away....

Sometimes it is in the strangest places that you come face to face with fear.   And you have nowhere to turn and nowhere to run.  Literally. 1,235 more words



Yeah. Loss. It’s painful.

I’m not talking about SO. I haven’t lost him. As much as he’s upset with me, he is still by my side. 244 more words


And He Shall Be Your Fear

And  He  Shall Be  Your Fear    

People have  all sorts  of fears,  simply because  we realize  our vulnerabilities.     We have no personal power  to stave off huge attacks  of enemies,  diseases,  storms,  false prophets,  economic disasters,  or the end  of this world.     717 more words


This is the worst exam I have ever taken.

Don’t fail me, little one.
I couldn’t bear to lose you.
Just this once,
Let me have my way.

I don’t what else,
I could have done. 8 more words