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4 steps on how to be true to yourself

This is challenging.  No doubt at all.  

But, it is possible. Personally, in the past few years, I’ve found myself in may situations where I do feel like it would not only be easier, but necessary to sacrifice what I want.   366 more words

Being Your True Self


I stood atop a sheer cliff, and caught in the notion of flying; I leapt.

I did not fly, but the drop was shorter than I feared, and cushioned by soft clover. 141 more words



Again. More so than normal. Well, normal for me.

I’ve always been emotionally detached. Which has caused all manner of issues – for other people. … 654 more words


How to move past the hopelessness

Acknowledging how you feel

I’ve often found myself with a very heavy sense of hopelessness.  In some cases, feeling a very powerful sensation of not having a way out and I need to be very proactive in keeping this emotion in balance.  513 more words

Being Your True Self

Uncertainty of Regret in My Grave

Show me your flaws, your pain. Show me who you really are and we could fall again. Tell me I’m pretty tell you your sweet. That’s easy, not the entire feat, there more to long lasting. 119 more words


Cloud-gaze with Me in the Grass?

The earth is warm against my back. I pause with minor annoyance as the tender-looking blanket of grass beneath me pricks not-so-tender shoots into the backs of my arms. 638 more words

Domestic Abuse