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Fear Factor #1: Cup O' Larva

If you’ve read Day 37’s excerpt, you might’ve noticed a brief mentioning of me eating larva. That’s right, I did it! I consumed the delicacy that is bugs. 266 more words


Fear Factor

Who remembers the show Fear Factor? The stunt/dare reality game show originally aired between 2001 and 2006. Show contestants faced their biggest fears: spiders, heights, extreme stunts, and mental stunts -eating live bugs. 273 more words


So, what were they?

Australia’s largest Phasmid (leaf/stick insect), this baby can top out at 25cm (9+ inches!).  The females are larger than the males and although they have wings, they’re not very useful, unlike the males. 430 more words

Entomology Blog

False evidence appearing real

Fear is not a Factor TV Show (NBC) ( Check You-Tube for video content)
In this show contestants face 3 challenges from cars, bugs and cranes vying for $50,000 would you do this or speak in front of 5 people! 311 more words

The Incredible Shrinking...Nut.

Well, my blogosphere friends. I may still be semi-reeling the events of Little A’s hernia surgery, but if you ask the kid, he’ll have a different story. 1,334 more words

Just #&!% Baby

Letting Go of Creative Fear

Fear is probably the biggest hindrance to creativity. Creativity begins with vulnerability; opening up to the world. Sportswriter Red Smith said it best:

“There’s nothing to writing. 360 more words


In Pursuit of Stardom by Daphne Jaaback

Our glamorous lodger burst  into  the  room

“Turn on the TV, channel 3  and  there’s  me”

Ten stories up, she   was  there  on the screen… 398 more words