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Fear itself

I wish I could die with you if death comes,
because I am afraid to be alone.



A sequel you were dying to see made. Halloween is big business in Pumpkin Grove but 16 years ago it turned into a nightmare. The masked killer ‘Pumpkin Jack’ slaughtered the children of members of the town council. 6,079 more words


Fear Itself: Process Journal 2

I tried a new approach to design with these concepts. I achieved them by first blocking out many silhouettes until I found one for both the ship and the alien, then isolating that silhouette and filling in the details to further define its shapes. 414 more words


Fear Itself (working title): Process Journal 1

So far I’ve been concentrating on developing a character design I can use for the 2d element of my thesis project. I have a couple pages of ideas in my sketchbook but this is the one I think works best. 394 more words


All mimsy were the borogoves...



Realm: Alice’s Fears
Featured In: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass (1985)
Played By: Tom McLoughlin

As before with a few other characters, there’s a bit of backstory before we get on to this incarnation of the Jabberwocky. 805 more words

Character Reviews

Rational Fear

I was always told my fear of flying was irrational. Do you know the chances of a plane crashing? Like, a million to one. You’re crazy for having that fear and you shouldn’t have it. 397 more words