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Fear Itself (working title): Process Journal 1

So far I’ve been concentrating on developing a character design I can use for the 2d element of my thesis project. I have a couple pages of ideas in my sketchbook but this is the one I think works best. 394 more words


All mimsy were the borogoves...



Realm: Alice’s Fears
Featured In: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass (1985)
Played By: Tom McLoughlin

As before with a few other characters, there’s a bit of backstory before we get on to this incarnation of the Jabberwocky. 805 more words

Character Reviews

Rational Fear

I was always told my fear of flying was irrational. Do you know the chances of a plane crashing? Like, a million to one. You’re crazy for having that fear and you shouldn’t have it. 397 more words

The old South vs. the totalitarian dictators

In the 1920s and early 1930s, Germany’s Nazis thought of American white Southerners as soul brothers.  But they were wrong.  The Southern Democrats in the U.S. 1,064 more words


How the old South shaped the New Deal

I remember Jefferson-Jackson Day picnics and politicians’ speeches about the Democratic Party’s four great champions of the common people—Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. 901 more words