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Climate Change Australia - Selling The ABC’s Global Warming Scare

By Andrew Bolt ~

The Climate Change/Global Warming debate here in Australia seems to be slowing down a little, but only in relation to the public, who seem to have gone off the subject, while the media still pushes it for all its worth.

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17 April 2014

Crooked old Joe Romm defends Showtime’s Series On Climate Change

Note: Romm served as the series’ Chief Science Advisor. He doesn’t mention that in his article. 627 more words


The War On Cows: From Methane To Meat Taxes

By Daren Bakst ~

Last month, the President released a climate action plan designed to cut methane emissions.

If you are a cow, be afraid. Be very afraid. 532 more words

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Why I’m cheering for fossil fuels this Earth Day

By John Stossel

“The heavens reek, the waters below are foul … we are in a crisis of survival.” That’s how Walter Cronkite and CBS hyped the first Earth Day, back in 1970. 737 more words

Fighting Wind Turbines

Insane in the Grain Brain

My library hold finally came in! No way was I paying to read Grain Brain. I like to financially support quacks as little as possible. 2,202 more words