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Street art combines all forms of art that are expressed on the street, usually illegally, and describes the work of people who have developed a mode of artistic expression by using various techniques such as templates, posters, stickers, murals and graffiti among the most important, in a new form of communication through text, content and social opinion. 141 more words

Fear No Art

Silo art

OSGEMEOS to do a 360 degree, 23 meter high public art project that will spread over the 6 Ocean Concrete silos at Granville Island, Vancouver, BC Canada. Reveal Sept 7, 2014

Fear No Art

The art of 'getting lost'

” Henry Miller wrote in reflecting on the art of living, “depends the failure or fruitfulness of it.”

Indeed, this act of orienting ourselves – to the moment, to the world, to our own selves – is perhaps the most elusive art of all, and our attempts to master it often leave us fumbling, frustrated, discombobulated. 795 more words

Fear No Art