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Fear of change.

Intimidating. Imposing. Daunting. Impossible, even. That’s how I feel looking at the borders of another country, of a place where the syllables they utter from their throats are a different kind than mine. 401 more words

On Life

Of Change

Of the euphoric wantings of freedom numbed by the self-serving propaganda of obdurate men.
Of what a people are not willing to take because of what they are not prepared to give up. 125 more words

Seeds Of Change

Coping with Change

It is the worst feeling to feel powerless. I am coping…or trying to cope with a big change in my life that happened some months ago. 796 more words


Everything you want is on the other side of fear

Let me share with you the story of the Majestic Eagle. The Eagle has the longest life span of its species. Did you know that an eagle can live up to 70 years. 304 more words


Weight-loss challenges

I belong to a group of people who likes variety. Sticking to just one weight-loss strategy, even a well-proven one, would not work for for me long- time. 474 more words

You Are Not a Phoenix

You don’t need to get burned to change

I’ve been experimenting with ways to reach people.  Someone I love suggested that I just ‘get over it’ and get with the whole meme thing.  464 more words