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Be the Change!!

There is something scary about “change” for most people!     We are creatures of habit more than we like to admit, and if change comes about in our lives we tend to resist it, and we often fear it… 877 more words

Pastoral Concerns

Go ahead, let your tentacles hang out.

Oh how she hated low tide.  At low tides there were those pesky humans, with feet stepping close, and fingers prodding her trying to get her to squirt, or to open up. 430 more words

Daily Blogs

Merger We Versus They

After a merger or acquisition is announced, there is a period of integration while the cultures reach a new equilibrium.

During this process it is common to hear a lot of “we/they” type of conversation coming from both groups. 819 more words


The Fear Of Change

Have you ever feared doing something you want to do because things may not go according to plan? I have many times, many things and for many reasons. 427 more words


Stop kissing the minivan

My husband and I were discussing the possibility of selling my minivan and getting a newer vehicle when my son, who will be 6 in a couple of weeks, overheard us. 649 more words


The change we fear

Change scares us. Change entails uncertainty, entails threat, and stress. We spend our lives creating a comfort zone that will provide us with safety and security; a comfort zone which will prevent us from uncertainty. 1,117 more words


The Learning in the Turning: Zig With the Zag

Does your personal journey seem more like a Kindergarten dot-to-dot worksheet, rather than a straight shot from point A to point B?

Or maybe it looks like your first attempt at Basket Weaving 101? 417 more words

Life Lesson