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It's Not Easy to "Wake Up and Be Awesome"

This post is for all of you out there that might just need some validation in your life today for how hard it is to be the best you. 708 more words

Jenn Lance



new sunlight on dying elm


stray cat rubs my leg and calls for breakfast


defeated, the roof’s shadow slips away


energies scattered… 427 more words


Embracing Change

I’ve started to notice a recent trend. Whenever I start to notice a shift in my personal reality, I change. I can’t necessarily say that it is a significant amount of change. 321 more words

My Personal Evolution

Fear slows as down

I cannot believe it has been over a year since my last post. Life has really gotten in the way this, I’m sure you understand. 422 more words

I love this view.

“Hey you. You gonna’ go, or what?” some younger kid shouted as I just enjoyed my view.

Wow, if I fell from here, it would be all over for me, I thought. 724 more words

Daily Blogs

Why Do We Fear Change?

When we get comfortable and life knocks us down or alters our life it can be devastating.  We have to let go of what was and try not to focus on what if?   45 more words


something's changed…something's different...

something’s changed…

something’s different…

what happens to us as we age…I’ve always been a very happy person…I’ve had my ups and downs – like the time my sister looked at me and said “dude you gotta quit your job you’re a bitch”; the time I looked in the mirror and thought jabba the hut was looking back at me; the time my dad got sick and I, like my family say, fell to the floor with a force that would have gotten me nominated for an Oscar; or the time my sister asked me “why didn’t you buy me my favourite bagels”… 1,035 more words