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my greatest fear is that i'll always feel small & ordinary.

This morning, my friend Mike sat on the edge of my bed, took a gulp of water from the mason jar he’s claimed as his in our house, and brushed his hair away from his face. 592 more words

About Me

Grappling With Loss

A week before I was supposed to get married I somehow found myself instead planning my mother’s funeral. As I sat in the funeral director’s office all I could think of was how eerily similar it all was to wedding planning. 536 more words

Fear of change

The most fear is felt during the daunting part of a journey, which is always when focusing on how far you have to go,
The most challenging and courageous part is taking the first step, 500 more words


The time will pass

I sit in a little cafe in Horsham writing this, sipping peppermint tea and listening to the hustle and bustle of the morning. I am overwhelmed with response from this beautiful town on how people want change. 232 more words

Anxious with change? That's okay. You're human.

Change can be scary. No matter how many times we may experience transitions in life, the unknown is uncomfortable. Being anxious and uncomfortable with change is not a reflection of how evolved you are. 512 more words

Removing Blocks and Getting Things Done

Most of us have “To Do” lists that are a mile long. Some are work focused, some are personal, most are a mixture of both. Regardless of whether we want to change professionally or personally, once we identify what we want to change, we seem to think that this is all it takes. 1,300 more words

Don't be Afraid of Change

Change is hard. In education, it can be downright terrifying.  As teachers, we pride ourselves on routine and having the answers for everything.  Often, a focus on routine means sticking to very specific types of teaching, assignments and assessments.   336 more words