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7 Reasons to Never Doubt Yourself

Self-doubt is one of our biggest gremlins, as I like to call them. It’s a little monster in your head that loves to wreak havoc, tell you you’re not good enough, and coerce you to settle for less than you’re truly capable of achieving. 44 more words


Dangerous routes

Well, it looks like we’re going down that road again.

Same old, same old.

That route is dangerously close to where I am now.

But I promised, I wouldn’t go there again. 71 more words


Go for it!

Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,              or what’s a heaven for?
Robert Browning


there's so much more to life

It’s nearing the end of my first semester of college (just under two weeks left!), and I was going back through my university email to click on all the ‘unread’ ones so there wouldn’t be that little annoying icon. 579 more words

Songs & Quotes Des Days & Nights


the world saw my joys and my triumphs, but i brought everything else back to this house.

it knows all of the secrets i worked so hard to keep from my outside life, from all of the people i “trusted”. 246 more words


Start today

I coached someone recently who found himself paralysed in procrastination. He had a particular task he really needed to do urgently, but he kept putting it off until the last possible minute. 123 more words

Finally FINISH Fearing Failing!

Being a Business and Life Coach for women entrepreneurs has taught me alot about the various (and seemingly endless) obstacles of women in business. No matter how vast the list of struggle topics, it helps to learn  how to… 431 more words

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