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Just Write

When I write I tend to spend too much time focusing on character development. It’s where I feel comfortable, it’s the part that I enjoy best. 450 more words


Imperfection: Where Authenticity Is Found

A few days ago I was doing some 12 step work, trying to untangle myself from something that has plagued me for as long as I can remember….perfectionism. 607 more words

Being On The Receiving End Of Over Protective Parenting

I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent although I can imagine how tough it is. I’m speaking more on behalf of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of protective parenting. 567 more words

Tomorrow is another chance.

Just a quick post before bedtime…

Tomorrow is another chance.

Last semester was really tough. I struggled.
For the first time in my five years of university, I failed not one assessment, but three. 359 more words

I'm starting a blog, and you should too

Or do something else that you’ve been wanting to do. But whatever it is, start doing it now.

Sometimes people let doubt and fear get in the way of a project. 113 more words


Learning to Love Failure

“Ok, Shayla, it’s your turn to fail”. These are words I never thought I’d hear, let alone welcome. They were spoken at a meeting we’ve lovingly started to refer to as “Failure Con”, a once a month meeting for a group of female entrepreneurs that I belong to. 477 more words

Shifting Beliefs

Fear Can Make You Do The Right Thing

For beginners, it’s harder to write something down. Because they have all these insecurities. It’s boring, it won’t sell or it’s not good enough. But we, as writers suffer with the same problems throughout our careers. 261 more words