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Facing the Challenge

“I chose being — being present, being open, being malleable. Life is saying, “okay, I will give you the challenges that will help you become grounded in that kind of living.”

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On Crying In Yoga Class, and Other Forms of Weakness

Last week, I attended a yoga class. At first, I was excited to be in a class where I was simply attending, and not teaching. It had been a long day and I was ready to unwind and have fun. 1,033 more words

For Fun

Fight or Flight

When something threatens us, we have a natural impulse to either stand and fight or flee. We do this without thinking. But what if there’s another way? 351 more words

Gift Of Cancer

Let's Talk About the "F" Word

Fear can arrest our deepest desires and our greatest dreams.
So what is fear? How is it defined?
What are you afraid of?
How do YOU define fear in your own life? 6 more words


Four Things That Are Not Failure But Feel Like It

Fail early.
Fail often.
Fail fast.
Fail faster.
Fail better.
Fail forward.
Fail towards success.

Here’s a thought. How about we just stop with all of the marshmallow mantras about how failure is good? 949 more words


Fear Of Failure

Fear of Failure is one of my favourite stages of my ‘I don’t want to write’ phase, and, to be honest with you reader, it’s probably the most persistent. 345 more words


Blogging F.O.R. a Reason: Getting Back Into Blogging

Time to come clean about my five-month hiatus and what caused it.

I’m lazy.

All right, it’s not quite that simple. Ultimately, that’s the answer, but it’s more involved than it sounds. 1,210 more words

Imagining A Better World