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"Remember, don't hold back!"

Recently, my brain has been ALL over the place.  Sometimes it can be hard to concentrate…others I want to reach out to things familiar and sometimes, I’m just looking for a distraction. 571 more words

Allow Myself To Be Nothing—Allow Myself To Have A Life

I would never judge myself to be a loser, but if I have thoughts that judge me to be a loser, I must allow them or they will take my life away from me. 477 more words


The Problem with Deriving Happiness from Others

We’ve all been there, that feeling of loneliness or depression or sadness. No one wants to feel unhappy or downtrodden, it’s not something our biology equates to a good feeling… as humans we want to feel loved, part of a whole, accepted, understood, cared for, happy. 798 more words


Bombs, bullets and desserts: a dream that saved my life

It is not often spoken about in our society. If it is, it is simply a case of showing a scary picture with a message of, “don’t do this children”. 473 more words

Winning By Allowing—Allow Myself To Want—Allow Myself To Fail

Anything I don’t allow myself to Feel is something that I won’t have any choice in. Whether it’s my eating, or hobbies or being fat. Without my being aware and without allowing myself to Feel, I will be powerless. 1,009 more words


How fearful are you?

What can often stop most people from change is fear. Fear can work for or against you as you may not realize it but you need to ask ‘am I fearful of change’? 265 more words

Exceed And Excel

Dental Team Productivity: 'It’s not my job'

By Lisa Philp, RDH, President of Transitions Group North America

It has been around for ages; lurking in almost every workplace, sabotaging growth and potential, creating conflict and resentment among co-workers and employers. 303 more words