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Identifying 3 Types of Negativity That Prevent Success

When I think of negativity, I am always reminded of a man I’ll call Joe. It was the late 80’s, my husband was fresh out of college and working at a tech startup. 1,083 more words

September's Challenge: Green

Ever stared at traffic lights?

I do it all the time. I’ll stare and become hypnotized by the constant change in colours, green is life, green is neutral, but here…here green is go. 258 more words

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"Pressure To Perform"

Chronic love
ready hold you steady
tight cuddle… teddy
Dont know if im ready
the thought of
the attempt of
to make love
last long… 90 more words


How not be afraid of failure

We often stop ourselves from doing something good or making a change in our lives just because of the fear of failure. The fear of failure has paralysed more people than imaginable from doing wonderful things in their lives including you. 97 more words

Conquering Fear of Failure: How I Arrived in Marketing

Everyone makes mistakes.  Small mistakes— forgetting the grocery list; expensive mistakes— getting a speeding ticket; embarrassing mistakes— sending a text meant for a significant other to your mom.   1,250 more words

Digital Marketing

On the dangers of the "clean slate" mentality

Turning over a new leaf. Wiping the slate clean. Starting over. There’s something very appealing to that thought, when things aren’t going so well. How many times have you ever thought to yourself, If only I could do it over, this time I’d get it right?  1,242 more words

Failure to Freedom

Failure in life is inevitable. But failure leads to success. In-order to success to happen a certain number of failures must have occurred.  If I told you that you could have any success in our life that you wanted you just had to fail 99 times and the 100th you would succeed. 354 more words