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Courrier de Haine de Celui Qui Vous a Donné la Vie

J’ai eu ce message horribles de ma mère.

Etes-vous fou? écrit-elle.
Cherchez-vous de la sympathie? elle retient
J’ai honte pour vous. elle mord.

C’est ma mere. 426 more words

Parallel Worlds

Dealing with insecurity

Since nobody wanted me to write more about the Game of Thrones I want to discuss something that has been bothering me for a while. I always try to get people to write, everybody has stories to tell, whether they need some more work or not. 572 more words


Spotlight: Micah Bustos

It all started as a school project. I’ve never made a content heavy video before (but have some experience as a journalist.)The assignment was to write a paper or shoot a video on internships. 56 more words

Excellence - journey or destination?

It takes time, determination & perseverance. So be kind on yourself and build strong foundations to your excellence. Build strong habits to enable the move towards YOUR excellence. 344 more words

Consider This...

"What I Don't Know"

The answers to the questions of my world lie within these pages
within these lines, within another time
I can`t answer or find them now… 91 more words


Fearfull of everything...

Failure? Success? Living? Dieing? Surviving? Being sad? Being happy? Why so many FEARS? When did we all become so fearful?

We were not born fearful, nor were we taught how to be fearful, but somehow as we evolved we became fearful. 396 more words

Consider This...

Fear of Flying

I am forever hesitant the moment that fasten seatbelt sign lights up and the blonde, chipper flight attendant who looks like she’s been working the airline circuit a little too long, reminds us to turn off our electronic devices. 365 more words