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Letting go of perfection to create a slightly battered old friend

Perfection. It can be so limiting. The need to be perfect cripples freedom of expression, freedom of anything. When you crave perfection, it sometimes paralyses you so that you achieve nothing. 336 more words


Stop Blocking Your Own Progress

Sometimes, we tend to blame others for our failures, whether it’s in our careers or personal life. In some cases, we have a right to do so depending on the circumstances. 338 more words


Which type of procrastinator are YOU?

Perhaps you don’t ever procrastinate, but if you’ve identified with either of my last two posts, you may have a procrastination issue or elements of the typical mind-set. 859 more words

Executive Coaching

Fear of My Inner Fat Kid

You know what scares me?  The notion that a year from now I could end up right back where I was four months ago, overweight and miserable and hating myself for it. 426 more words

Weight Loss


Fear is a complex and sometimes very powerful emotion that we’ve all experienced. In my own life it has paralyzed me from doing many things that I’ve wanted to do. 491 more words

Being The Boss

You Can Conquer Failure!!!

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Stomp out your negative thoughts and you can conquer failure!



Banish your fear of failure.

The fear of failure is a strong deterrent to achieving goals. Luckily fear is a feeling and can be dealt with by using psychological tricks. When anybody takes a risk and goes out on a limb they risk failure and rejection. 278 more words