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Big Things Coming

I’m happy to announce that two of my most creative and daring pieces of work are about to happen this Saturday the 26t of April! One of the projects is a collaboration with… 111 more words



We had an earthquake this evening and the first thing I wanted to do was run out and see if anyone else had noticed. Why do we do that? 221 more words

Love And Poetry

Shattered Image of God

For the past couple of weeks I’ve lived underwhelmed of who God is. I read his words and they don’t come alive to me anymore. I sing his praises just not with a full heart any longer. 879 more words


Giving you a piece of my mind

The mind is a unrelenting vault of experiences, real and imagined. Everything is filtered through our mind. For instance, we read something and it is filtered through a related experience that touched us. 293 more words

Big Ass Wake Up Call

I have been avoiding doing an update in this blog for a while now. The truth is that I haven’t been doing so great lately. This not so great feeling started in late fall… about the time that I started slacking off on my workout routine; it got worse after having the flu in December, which turned into pneumonia in January, and then there was the epic two month bout of the shits that followed taking the antibiotic which got rid of the pneumonia. 1,180 more words

So This Happened Today...


She flaps her wings as a coping mechanism for her fears,we are taught to face our fears but she cant face hers cz they are within her, 138 more words


Hear Clear

The sound of the light is speaking to you
Loud and clear, can’t you hear
Come sit with me, listen to my plea
Write what you see, draw what you hear… 13 more words