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She Was The Weird Kid

When I was in junior high, I met a girl at my bus stop that was “unusual”. Let’s call her Carolyn.  She was the weird kid.   1,100 more words



tender with sight
soft guilt a shroud
inviting uncertainty

wounds given
may heal well for one
but not the other
fluttery insecurity

exploring the gashes… 12 more words

Poetic Words

Can She Smell the Fear?

One of my goals is to improve my communication…….communication with family, friends and especially women…..specifically when it comes to dating.

Man I can’t believe I am going to write about women and dating……I offer no advice……only my thoughts in writing…….maybe I should add a disclaimer at the end. 422 more words

Better Man

be abundant creators

If you’re a creator, it’s important that you not hoard your givings. Practice abundance.

I, like many of us, must practice my own advice.

This means pouring all that we have into what we’re creating, enjoying it for a few seconds to ourselves, then sharing it unabashedly. 161 more words


Scared ... I'm losing it. Plus I can't even bring myself to do a single punter

Been feeling terrified, edgy anxious and jumpy since I woke up this lunchtime after having slept at weird intervals last night and this morning. My sleep patterns are all over the place. 4,938 more words

Do Nothing

Doing nothing out of fear is the same as doing everything and failing at everything.

So you may as well do everything; chances are you’ll succeed in at least some things… … 15 more words