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The Fear Is Not God's Voice

What dreadful scenario has fear lobbed like a hot hand grenade into your heart lately:

You will fail;

This will end badly;

You are alone; 448 more words


  Sometimes you wake up afraid. Why??? There isn’t anything happening you should be afraid of but yet your heart is beating fast , your mind is racing, you feel as though you can’t catch your breath. 175 more words


Evolving from the Industrial Age to the Regenerative Age | Reality Sandwich

Mark Chasan • 1 day ago • 0 Comments

The Symptoms & Root Causes of Dysfunction in our Society

“Pollution, war, poverty, disease, climate change and destruction of our biosphere are major challenges that threaten the thriving of humankind. 27 more words

Public Apology

This post is dedicated to two of my dearest friends, who I have grown up with, and who I miss terribly.

Two of my friends (for legal and moral reasons I shall name them Friend A and Friend B) are disappearing from my life, and I’m not OK with that. 456 more words

Personal Stuff

A Spirit of Power

I love to be outside.  Well actually I love to be outside when it isn’t too hot, or too cold, or the bugs aren’t bothering me.  597 more words

Being God's Kind Of Person

Spending All Night in the Soul Kitchen With Mister Spock

In deference to my Birthday Twin, Sage Jim

Who always seemed a bit carried by his own motion, left of center,

In a skirl of lush and beguiling sexuality, 239 more words


Wash Away....

Times can be hard…

Struggles can be many…

Trust can be difficult….

Focus can become clouded…

Balance can be tipped….

Love can feel lost.

Times can be great…. 32 more words