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Apocalyptic Fears: Executing Peace by Katherine McDaniel

How do we deal with things that scare and anger us? Art can help us work through fear toward hope.

My newest painting came about while I was meditating on fear. 915 more words


Stars and Planets

Looking up into the night sky

I imagine where you are, what it feels like

to be held in your arms.

Will you be able to quiet my demons, 96 more words


Knocked down but you're not out!

Sometimes in this life you get knocked down so hard you wonder if you will be able to get back up. You lie there wondering if you should even try because you don’t want to be knocked down like this again. 978 more words



Just before every ” next level” or the next big decision is to be made, there is usually the “fear of the unknown” to deal with. 413 more words


Death quote

”Fearing death will not make you immortal.” – C.B

Charlie.B 2014

In some cases

In some cases, the most important is not what you will become, but what you will remain.


Diary of a Whining Forty-Something Learning to Cycle. Vol. 3

Thanks God summer is over! Don’t get me wrong: I do love hot weather, hell yeah. I associate it with bare legs, though… While now I can’t possibly show my poor legs off at all. 446 more words