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Tuesday 15th July

Today I was seven years sober. Obviously I’m glad about it. This one has crept up on me: I haven’t thought about my anniversary this year as much as I used to. 921 more words

12 Steps

The Unknown

We really don’t understand or know anything at all. That’s the reason why we give things names and define them. We do this to the point of comfort. 712 more words


Chronicles of Finding Me: One

I am at a point in life where finding my vocation and ad-vocation is really all that clutters my mind. I learned that my vocation is my underline calling; it is my purpose on earth. 143 more words

Gratitudes in the middle of a mess

It’s time to take a little time to notice some of the things I’m grateful for…before I completely meltdown (again)…I know this will help!

This move has been extremely challenging, mentally and physically.  764 more words

Chronic Illness


Can we talk a minute about Jesus and the money-changers?  He didn’t whip, or chase away sinners, nor did He judge them very harshly.  But the money changers brought on a whole different response than we see any other place from our Lord.  783 more words

Cliff Diving

Have you ever been cliff diving before? I have not. I am too scared. While everyone may jump off and land safely in the water, I would be the one to find the one place the is a rocky terrain and die. 469 more words

Do It!

What the….?  I had at least 1000 words in my head every day last week and now this week….nothing.  Blank.  I checked my phone to see if I’d taken pictures of anything in the last few days…..nothing.  1,130 more words