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Processing Addictions Tool 4 : What fear causes the expectation?

“So we decide that “I want to know all of my addictions”, we make a list of everything that makes you angry, and we define our expectations; we are yet really to process emotion except for perhaps the emotion of “I’m bad”. 130 more words


Troubled Teens and What They Will Only Understand Years Later

I was no joy to my parents as a teenager.  Sitting on the cusp of adulthood I caused them more consternation than the American average of the time.  2,487 more words


My biggest fears...

I never thought of myself as person with crippling fears, sure there’s the spiders, grasshoppers and snakes.

But I don’t think one of them is enough to get me to freak out incredibly, I mean most of them can be resolved by just relaxing, getting rid of the anxiety rushing through your chest and backing of slowly, but we all want to react immediately, and that’s usually when they attack. 520 more words


Memories That Don't Fade

First, I should say, this is potentially triggering for loss. Which is an ironic thing to say because I’m writing it because I’ve found myself triggered a lot lately. 975 more words

Untitled (throwback 4)

— this was written 14 years ago when I was really, really sick. I have posted several of these lately. I have recently started therapy – after 14 years with the therapist I saw back when I was going through all of this…. 286 more words


The Space Between

Whether you are a Christian or not, whether you believe in the resurrection of Jesus or not….

I ask you to stop and consider how this video  (by the young talent at… 273 more words


Fear and Desire [Blu-ray]

An existential war film that is often compared with Kubrick’s PATHS OF GLORY (1957) among three Kubrick films selected for the Library’s National Film Registry-and FULL METAL JACKET (1987), FEAR AND DESIRE follows a squad of soldiers who have crash-landed behind enemy lines and must work their way downriver to rejoin their unit. 204 more words