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Fearless Friday!

You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose and to do it courageously.
~Dr. Steve Moraboli

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Fearless Friday: Community Hero Day

Well here’s something interesting. A day to celebrate the heroes of your town.

Collin’s Community Hero Day is a free event supporting heroes in New Richmond.

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Fearless Friday: Language Doesn't Have To Be Formal

Today’s language is very casual compared to that outlined in Emily Post’s Etiquette. Below, find a sampling of the slang words that Post condemns. In 2015, I think it’s safe to say that we can use the shortened versions. 322 more words

Fearless Friday: Teen saves officer while under arrest

Hey, not all (alleged) criminals are monsters. Jamal Rutledge was in the process of being booked for a crime, when his booking officer collapsed. Jamal, handcuffed at the time, alerted other officers. 91 more words


DALANEL Continues to Fight for Good

DALANEL has always been a weapon of mine to counter the negativity of the world. I try to bring a positive spin to the world. 767 more words


Fearless Friday: Man saves boy from icy pond

We get this story often of how somebody falls under ice and into the body of water. Some freeze. Some are saved.

This is a story of someone saved. 137 more words

Good News

Fearless Friday: 5 Classic Rules To Break In 2015

1. “A direct personal question is in very poor taste. Only an ill-bred person asks personal questions.” 

How exactly are you supposed to be someone’s friend if you can’t ask them personal questions? 291 more words