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Dreams: I Want Off

This is one of those weird posts that I’m not sure where to put– here or at my “Other Blog”.  I’m going to opt for here, just because of the whole ‘dream-scape’ thing and dream interpretation.  1,333 more words


Less than a month left in the City that I grew up in. There’s something weird about the way that it’s been a combination of the people I’ve met and then just “the city”. 321 more words



As some of you may know, we are planning on starting some sort of ‘series’ here on Believe in Eccentricity. Those of you who follow us on Twitter (@eccentricbelief) will know that this series is going to be based on fears. 516 more words

Dear Diary... (57?) - How far have I come in a year?

Okay, so I’ve been reading back to the post about my bucket list and I’ve actually ticked a couple off! So let me share with you what I’ve ticked off this past year: 475 more words


By: Chandra Johnson

Oftentimes, a band will undergo numerous changes—whether it’s style, sound or in the case for Twin Wild, an actual name change. Listen to their single ‘Fears’  and the familiarity will creep through your eardrums, prodding at your brain until you have to do some Google searching to figure out why their sound is so recognizable. 361 more words


When in Doubt, Write it Out

Duck #35

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and oddly enough I’m sort of excited about that. No, I’m not ready for school to start, per se, but I am ready for my friends to return to Boone. 582 more words

Life & It's Complexities

Self Portrait by Beatrice

We all have our fears. Some big, some small – some deeper, some more superficial. My fear of heights, showing emotion, and being photographed are pretty different from one another, but what they do have in common is vulnerability. 972 more words

The Photograph Collective