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That feeling of being cheated. As if I was kept in an illusion, in a house of transparent mirrors through which I could see walls made of hollow sky, shifting its will through day and night, throwing abyss and sun repeatedly. 297 more words


In Mon - Fridge Monster

It’s been a few weeks since I posted for InMon and I will say now it might be a while before I can again, but I’m glad to be here this time, and with a story for the prompt “fridge monster”. 414 more words



Warriors bleed

heroic silence,



by fate,

they wait.

Their time comes,

with peace or violence,


inner strength,

no longer


In history and myth… 22 more words


Sometimes I Get Scared

Sometimes I get scared.  I get scared for the future, and for losing people, and for change- but it all still comes.  Sometimes I get scared to feel, and to jump, and to try something new- but that doesn’t mean I won’t.   166 more words

Something to Look Forward To

I need advice on how to feel better. I have turned to cutting and I know that’s not the proper way to deal with problems. I have to find out how to get enjoyment out of life so history doesn’t repeat itself. 75 more words

My Life

Parent Issues

No matter how old you are, you can relate to this. Your parents will always be there to tell you no or try to run your life. 317 more words


Done with the first Home-Health visit...

We had our first prenatal home-health visit today. I wasn’t very impressed. The home-health worker had no clue of anything about Down syndrome, even saying that “a prenatal diagnosis, didn’t really mean anything” because she “knew someone who had a baby who was supposed to have Down syndrome and came out totally normal.”  539 more words