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Personal Reflections on the Contexts Surrounding an Orisa Feast - Class Assignment 2010

The first note I will make concerns the immediate context of the Orisa feast i.e. the reason for the feast. The feast that we attended was part of an annual ritual week of feasts (Ebo) as opposed to a feast offered as intercession for a particular need or desire. 732 more words


The season of lights comes creeping in
On cat feet of wind and frost
Her cloak a patchwork of skeleton leaves
With whorls of ice embossed…
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Sunne returns! The light returns!
The earth begins to warm once more!
The time of darkness has passed,
and a path of light begins the new day.
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The month of September

Is the month I remember

Of the honeysuckle aroma so sweet

Farmers harvesting their wheat,

The month of September

Is the month I remember… 61 more words



Just as Cinco de Mayo was celebrated throughout the whole month of May, excitement had been bubbling throughout the Mes de la Patria (Month of Patriotism) in anticipation of Mexico’s official Independence Day which falls on September the 16th. 945 more words


A Well-Stocked Pantry

I love to cook. The creative forces involved in mixing flavors and building layers of healthiness is something that I enjoy doing and find pride in – the kind of pride that an artist feels when they invest their very soul in materializing their emotions, their perspectives, their passions, their dreams. 722 more words

Elevation of the Holy Cross ☦☦☦ #orthodox #feast #christian

Elevation of the Holy #Cross. ☦☦☦ September,14,2014. #orthodox #orthodoxy #christian #great #feast #stavroula #stavros #tradition #christ #theotokos #father #holyepiphany #parish #church #indonesia #jakarta #amazing #altar #boy #beautiful #live #love #instagood