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100 Creatures Challenge--Day 90, Yumboes

Crossing his small arms over his chest, Anan marveled at his luck. Really, he was marveling at the lack thereof. How one simple task could have turned out so oddly was a mystery. 1,017 more words


Hey Jesus... do you remember that Passover.... ?

 Just a man and Jesus… reminiscing one day….

Hey… Remember that one Passover Jesus?

Jesus: “Yeah… the great Exodus…”

No. Not that one… That was totally cool and everything – but it just irritated me that all those signs and wonders, locust and sickness… they still didn’t believe!

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Israel refinado para la gloria de Dios

La fiesta de hoy

15 de abril 2014 – Isaías 48

Israel refinado para la gloria de Dios

Dioses Not Dead ! Comparte la Fiesta de la Palabra de Dios; únete a nosotros compartir la Palabra de Dios todos los días como Pascua, los enfoques Domingo 20 de abril! 788 more words


Feast Of Unleavened Bread

And this day shall be unto you for a memorial;
 and you shall keep it a feast to YAHWEH throughout your generations;
 you shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever. 368 more words

What I learnt at my first Passover

Last night was Passover. The full moon shone on me as I drove across the city to the home of a man I’d never met. A friend of mine had invited me to come and share Passover with a group of her Israeli friends, and I happily accepted. 904 more words


Daisy's ALL OUT Wholesome & Nutritious Vegetarian Bowl

When I got home from work last night I was STARVING. And as per usual, I can never (ever) decide what i want to eat. This is why I usually try to incorporate as many of my favourite things into one dish without it tasting terrible. 215 more words


Game of Thrones King's Landing Feast

I got this Game of Thrones cookbook as a gift from my boyfriend last year and we decided to cook dishes from different regions on Sundays for watching the show. 212 more words