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July 25th 2014. Friday Family Feasting

Friday Feast with the Familial, oh joy unabounding, I’ll just add an extra six pairs of eyes to patrol what makes its way onto my plate. 222 more words

Daily Diary

Dissident Chocolate Ice Cream

My dissident diet has become such a way of life now that I even inflict low carb menus on friends I invite for supper. So convinced am I that it’s the diet we should all be eating, fat or thin,


Lovely Lovely Lolinda

There is just something about San Francisco… it’s sophisticated, it’s understated, its artsy, it’s techy.  It’s Cali-chill.  San Francisco is the online-dating profile everyone pretends to have…a little bit of everything in perfect proportions. 282 more words


It all started with Mr Stay Puft...

Everyone LOVES marshmallows. FLUFFY and FABULOUS.

Not half as dangerous as the 1984 classic movie would have you believe.  Yet very few are aware of the fabulous fact that these pillowy soft treats can be easily conjured up at home. 589 more words


Lord of the Sabbath

The church has changed their minds on sabbath. The post modern church’s argument is now that the sabbath has passed away because it is not mentioned in the New Testament. 539 more words