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God and the Violin

A freak sideshow in nature? No, it’s for real.

After we had moved into our new home in Florida, one of the first projects on our “to do” list was to get bird feeders up and filled. 314 more words


Mic Checks the Headdress

Music.Mic has a great post on the cultural appropriation of wearing tribal headdresses in the lands you’re not a tribe of. Bass Coast festival in Canada have banned headdresses. 649 more words


Golden Bristles

So this is Kulindadromeus zaibaikalicus, the recently discovered ornithischian dinosaur from Jurassic Siberia that allegedly had feathers. If you’ve seen the spate of articles claiming that all dinosaurs had feathers, they’re basing their conclusions off this find. 95 more words


About Feathers from her Guides

Last summer, I had the privilege of joining a wonderful group of people through a training called, Soul Caller Training. It guides those who feel a little lost or stuck and who want to grow, but  just aren’t sure how. 381 more words


Bats and Feathers

An extra bonus gratitude today.  Just because.

Gratitude List:
1.  My postcards have begun to arrive!  I joined a postcard poetry project for August, writing a poem a day on a postcard and sending it to some random person on a list.   144 more words