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Mase Quits His Church And Leaves His Flock

Mase, who “retired” from rap in 1999 to pursue a career in the ministry, built up thousands of followers split into two churches in Atlanta and Phoenix … preaching the virtues of marriage and family values. 215 more words


It's a Start / Weed Whacking

New York State is finally set to legalize a medical-marijuana program that will ease the suffering of patients who have waited more than 20 years for relief. 1,691 more words


This Monkey's Gone To Hell - And Back

He went back every day for more than a year and begged for the monkey. Kept chained outdoors for the first 10 years of her life, Maruka had eaten only junk food and been regularly beaten by her “owners.” Neighborhood children threw rocks at her almost every day. 1,788 more words


Art To Rebuild

“The first time I came in here with Darren Scott from the Housing Authority, we got dive-bombed by hawks,” Jeff Mirel says, noticing this reporter’s expression as I step over yet another dead crow. 2,926 more words


How OCD Can Ruin Games

When perfectionism gets in the way of enjoyability.

I do not have OCD, otherwise known as obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sure, I may have some obsessive and/or compulsive symptoms (much more than normal if you ask me), but having seen people diagnosed with real OCD before, it is clearly obvious that what I have is incomparable to what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

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End of July...already... :( Where has summer gone?

It’s end of July, already.  So sad.  Where is the summer going?  Camping with us midweek – here’s what’s planned for you to enjoy your time at Brialee.   54 more words


Hair-larious: YouTube Nails It With ‘Every Natural Hair Video Ever’

Believe it or not, beauties, there’s a formula for nearly every natural hair video you’ve ever seen.

Akilah Hughes (aka YouTuber Smoothiefreak) has noticed a patten among her fellow naturalistas. 120 more words