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Are Widely Available Soy Free Eggs Coming Soon?

I was thrilled to walk into my local Whole Foods a few weeks ago to find a reasonably priced egg that was clearly labeled “soy free.” I thought, “Finally, I can safely eat eggs again!” Unfortunately, those eggs were gone within a couple of weeks. 236 more words

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Restaurants with Allergen Menus

It’s time for school to start, which means that life is about to get busy for a lot of us. My husband and I were accustomed to eating out a lot before my soy allergy, and there are days when I want so badly to grab takeout and forgo the cooking. 360 more words

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A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

I want to know that if I were to love you, I’d see it in your eyes before I heard it in your voice. 688 more words


My First Vacation With Soy Allergy

Well, my first soy free vacation is over, and although I had a few tell-tale “soy rashes” on my skin, I am happy to say that I did not have any major allergic reactions. 608 more words

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Week 46 West - I ♥ Aircraft Noise

11th – 13th July 2014

Prunella and the boys have headed off to Oxford and I’m sticking around in Gloucestershire for a couple more days.  John and I drop Prunella and the boys off at the Stroud station and we head home via a hardware store to pick up some cement and aggregate.  1,004 more words


Lily Lick's August Love Horoscopes

Lily Lick writes monthly horoscopes about relationships and love lives on her blog. She also has a great book out on Amazon that you should check out. 1,340 more words


The Epidemic; PPS

A great feature post by Baroness Bogie.

Peter Pan, spotted here in San Francisco. Have you seen him? 

He is all around you, every guy you pass on the street could be him. 1,535 more words