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Helpful Websites and Apps for Food Allergies

When I first found out that I had a soy allergy, I was completely clueless, but these websites and apps have helped tremendously with my learning curve. 709 more words

Food Allergy

The Next "Mini-Me"

For this What Works, I decided to step outside of the makeup box and pick another product brand. Recently, this campaign has caught my attention. Pepsi’s latest branch launch is called Pepsi Mini Cans, and it has created waves in the beverage industry. 570 more words

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Weekend at UMass

This weekend was by far one of the best of my entire college experience. As a member of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, I had the opportunity this weekend to attend our fraternity’s regional conference which is held once a year at a school within our conference (Syracuse, UMass, UConn, UMaine, Cornell, Wentworth Institute of Technology). 468 more words

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How My Life Has Changed

The term “lifestyle change” has become a household term.

A lot of folks choose a diet plan,  join a gym, and suddenly they’re in the midst of a lifestyle change.

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Food Allergy

My Cadillac Response

If I were Cadillac, this would be my response:

“On behalf of all of us at Cadillac, I would formally like to apologize for the “Poolside” video which has been found offensive by some.

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A Dinner Close to my Heart - The Relay for Life Themed Dinner

It was a special day in Ernie Davis Dining Center, one that will be close to my heart for some time to come. Tonight was the Relay for Life themed dinner, a great attempt by the dining center to raise awareness for the upcoming event. 510 more words

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Beware of the Following Products With Hidden Soy

New products added 4/8/14. See items in orange.

The morning after my allergic episode with soy, I made my soy-free breakfast and thought, “why do I still feel like I am having an allergic reaction?” That’s when the gravity of what had happened started to hit me. 452 more words

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