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The Epidemic; PPS

A great feature post by Baroness Bogie.

Peter Pan, spotted here in San Francisco. Have you seen him? 

He is all around you, every guy you pass on the street could be him. 1,535 more words


Time Saving Tips for a Soy Free Lifestyle

Many Soyvivors were leading a busy life before they found out about their allergy. They may have been working full-time, raising children, caring for aging parents, or many other of life’s challenges that keep us moving constantly. 887 more words

Feature Posts

Exes Hexes

Shared by Baroness Bogie.

A few weeks ago I received a text on my phone, of course there is nothing unusual about that, but when I saw who the text was from my jaw dropped to the floor. 1,447 more words


Cemetery of Past Loves

Baroness Bogie sent in this great post exploring past relationships and their potential for revival. Please read through and share your thoughts on this heated subject! 534 more words


Lily Lick's July Love Horoscopes

Lily Lick writes monthly horoscopes about relationships and love lives on her blog. She also has a great book out on Amazon that you should check out. 1,461 more words


Celebrating With a Food Allergy

Happy Independence Day to Everyone (a day early)! Shortly after Independence Day is my birthday, and it is another reminder of how drastically my life has changed. 581 more words

Feature Posts