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Civil War soldiers may be first to document PTSD

By Morgan Stringer

The first documentations of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in soldiers may have occurred during the American Civil War.

This was one of the topics discussed recently during an event hosted by The Center for Civil War Research at Ole Miss. 701 more words


Uber continues to drive controversy in Oxford

By John Cooper Lawton

Uber, an app that allows people to quickly find drivers for hire near them, was seen as revolutionary and welcomed by many, but Uber now faces many legal disputes from users and city governments. 768 more words


Aga Khan Foundation Canada Fellow Samantha Young reports from Khorog, Tajikistan

Samantha Young – Special to Kincardine News

Currently my life feels pretty amazing. I have the privilege of having sort of an unusual job that takes me to a sort of unusual place in the world where I get to take part in incomparable adventures, and then share these experiences with the people I love back home. 381 more words


Contest: Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack

With the Nightmare Tide expansion fast approaching, it’s time to give away an Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack so you are ready and mounted to traverse the nefarious terrain of the Plane of Water. 210 more words


How 'KICKS’ Digital Team ‘Kicked’ in some numbers!

Behind every film is a marketing and digital team that helps create a better brand for the film. In today’s world of cinema and films – these teams are needed as the concept of the film is not only about the script but about the brand of the film. 1,003 more words

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