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Kris TV September 3, 2014 Wednesday

Kris TV July 22 2014 is an upcoming daily talk show of the “Philippines’ Queen of Talk,” Kris Aquino! Also known as the Queen of All Media, Kris tweeted that “Kris TV” will be the 2011 re-boot of her previous talk show “Today with Kris Aquino,” which is said to be the first interactive talk show in the country. 70 more words


My PAX Prime 2014 Trip

As a rookie convention goer, PAX Prime was hectic and sentimental. I hope this video is able to depict all of those feelings. Enjoy!


Uncle Mike's Pizzelle

Our great uncle Michael Izzo married into the Mezzacappa family and acquired not only his wife, my great aunt Ethel, but four more sisters.  All potential suitors had to be scrutinised by our great grandfather Nicola Mezzacappa, who could be, by all accounts, somewhat frightening and very protective of his five daughters. 407 more words

Growing public grievances in Kurdistan will lead to civil disobedience

The Kurdistan Region hailed as the “only stable haven” in Iraq has been going through a transitional period for the past decade — formation of new independent parties coupled with a growing demand for democracy has been pursued relentlessly. 801 more words


See How Your Candidates Are Doing

Take part in our pre-election voting today!

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"I'll cry if I want to"

I find it funny that people take the time to comment on MY blog and tell me to stop whining. Is it because I have a large subscriber number that I am not allowed to rant and complain in my space? 78 more words



Unrest can only disrupt your calm when you have forgotten the joy alignment brings. When you allow your mind to rush to the forefront and present false evidence of the outcome, you immediately go into a state of confusion and stress. 392 more words